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Southern welcomes incoming freshmen class

Sarah Mastroni – News Editor

Being a freshman again can be an overwhelming experience. The excitement of living on your own for the first time, meeting new friends and starting real college courses can garner a mix of emotions. Luckily, Southern offers a variety of events, clubs, sports and recreational activities which can help ease the new school year nerves.

Throughout the semester, events will be promoted- by students for students- to engage those interested in fun, educational, and healthy on-campus activities. Englemen Hall, for starters, is a good place to check for bulletins, announcements, and invitations to events both on campus and off.

There is no question that incoming SCSU freshmen want to spend their downtime enjoying live music.

Travis Burke, the newest addition to Southern’s swim team, thinks letting loose at a show would be ideal after a long week of practice and classes.

“I would like to see plenty of concerts this year,” said the Pennsylvania resident.

“I would be willing to go off campus…. I am originally from Connecticut so I am somewhat familiar with the area,” he said.

Luckily for Burke and other prospective concert-goers, the city of New Haven has a lot to offer.

There are a handful of small, lively venues which host music for all ages, such as Toad’s Place located downtown on York Street. This legendary venue embraces all genres of music and oftentimes has free or discounted shows.

For other students, such as Jordanne Bryan, a first-year nursing student, it is all about keeping an open mind to whatever Southern’s campus life throws her way.

“I would love to see more of the arts; shows and social events that will bring the student body together to meet different kinds of people,” the Jamaica native said.

A good way to meet different kinds of people is by joining a sorority or fraternity. Within the first few weeks of the new semester, you will likely see members of Greek life outside of the Student Center and Conn Hall. Stop and ask questions!

If your workload is bound to be heavy and you want to keep it simple, checking out Southern’s comprehensive list of organizations may be the answer to fulfilling your freshmen year to-do list.

From paintball to golf, psychology to Anime, there is most likely a club at Southern that will interest you.

For some, like Kyle Murgo, a nursing major from Cheshire, intramurals may be ideal.

“I am a big sports enthusiast,” he said.

“I like watching and playing almost every sport. I play hockey, golf, baseball, basketball, tennis and football. Sports clubs and teams are definitely on the top of my list for things to attend.”

Southern offers intramurals free to students each semester. If you are interested in joining SCSU softball or flag football as a team or an individual, register by Friday, September 7th online at

What many students hope to see during their first year at Southern is unity and a sense of involvement among the new and returning students.

“It would be great [for Southern] to hold some events to get the students involved, things like talent shows and themed parties to help students interact with one another and help them to relate to each other better,” Murgo continued.

Southern held its pre-semester club fair this past Sunday evening by Chase and Hickerson halls, with open arms to freshmen and returning students.

The fair hosted games, food and an array of tables staffed with club members giving out information for those in all grades interested in joining one of the many extracurricular activities offered.

Derrick Afrifa, a freshman biology major has a full schedule this semester, but attended the fair in hopes to find a club that would add something more to his first year experience.

“I’m here to check out the clubs today,” Afrifa said. “I would like to join the NAACP. I’m hoping I will I find the time.”

With the enormity of tables covering the parking lot between Chase and Hickerson Hall, the odds were in favor of club-curious freshmen.

“The SCSU Forensic Society is free to join and open to students in all grades,” said the club’s President, Josh Deleon, a sophomore Business Administration major.

“As a team we compete against other universities across the country… from cases like Lincoln- Douglas, to impromptu.”

Deleon said the club is open to those who want to improve their public speaking and reasoning skills.

“Student who love to argue would find the Forensic Society interesting.”

If you are looking for a different outlet to release all that energy, perhaps SCSU’s cheerleading squad is the right after-school choice, you just need to know how to do a few impressive tricks.

“The tryout requirements are a standing touch, a standing back handspring and a back neckspring,” said freshman cheerleader Sabrina Hersey, an Athletic Training major from Long Island.

The fair gave students an opportunity to meet fellow newcomers, as well as indulge in pizza fritta, cotton candy and mingle over live music.

There is nothing to worry if you missed the fair. Students who are interested in taking part in one of the many Southern extracurriculars are encouraged to inquire by checking out the official Southern Student Life page at

For more than just incoming freshmen, all students are encouraged to utilize the Southern website to keep up-to-date with activities, events and the exciting campus life that makes Southern Connecticut State University unique. Welcome!

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