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Cut down the stress and live and active life

Robin Glynn – General Assignment Reporter –

Stress is a part of life, but there are ways to help control and maintain your stress level while also living a healthy and active life.

According to Brigitte Stiles, Associate Director of Health Services for the Wellness Program, having a balanced diet, being physically fit, and getting plenty of rest are some of the ways students can reduce stress.

“Prolonged stress affects health,” says Stiles. “We are here for students.”

There are many situations that can cause students to become stressed. Stiles says that they see more people around midterms and finals. Sarah Johnson, a Science Education major, became stressed last semester. For Johnson, there was a lot of pressure to do well between her student teaching and working.

“I was stressed during the semester during student teaching,” says Johnson. “It is a practical experience. It is stressful to not have enough time.”

Stress can cause physical and mental ailments. For Anthony Kelemen, a Psychology major, the fear of having to drop out was his biggest stressor.

“I felt very anxious; physically and mentally tired the entire semester,” said Kelemen. “I would get random panic attacks.”

There are numerous ways to reduce stress in your life, the first being healthy eating. According to the Wellness Center, eating well increases physical, mental, and emotional stamina. There are eight foods that can help reduce stress; dark chocolate, skim milk, oatmeal, salmon, walnuts, sunflower seeds, spinach, and blueberries. These foods can help relieve stress, reduce the negative effects of anxiety, calm the body, and reduce lower blood pressure.

Johnson said she would always try to eat healthy, though most of the time her meals were not big.

“I would eat a yogurt and granola bar,” said Johnson.

Being physically active is another good way to reduce stress. Not only will being physically active reduce stress, it will help give you energy, improve sleep, and boost confidence.

“I would meditate and work out,” said Kelemen. “And have a friend or my girlfriend with me almost every day of the week. Trusting myself was the biggest thing I could do to overcome all of the stress.”

“I usually do yoga and go hiking,” said Johnson. “I relied on television, but I tried yoga.”

Third, you can ask yourself, am I getting enough sleep? Sleep is important for a healthy life. A lack of sleep can affect your immune system and ability to learn and retain information. Stiles says that students will stay up late or pull all-nighters studying for exams and that doing this can affect how you function during the day.

Lastly, time management.

Students feeling stressed can visit the Wellness Center. Stiles says they offer students massages. They will also be hosting events throughout the semester designed to share information with students about reducing stress and taking care of your body. Events include Stress Free Zone on Oct. 3 and Nourish Your Body, Nurture Your Soul on Oct. 23.

The Wellness Center offers “Stressed-out Survival Kits,” which include tea, a piece of candy, information to relieve and manage stress, tips on how to balance school and work, 10 quick ways to relax, and reasons why laughing is good for the body.

Johnson’s advice to students is that it is important to manage time.

“It is important to manage time and fit in healthy de-stressors,” said Johnson.

“You take care of your body,” said Stiles, “Your body takes care of you.”

One of the biggest problems for students dealing with stress is time management.

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