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Welcome to New Haven

Savannah Mul – Opinions Editor 
New Haven and downtown life: clubs, fancy restaurants, and bars on every corner. For those of you who haven’t explored the New Haven nightlife, it gets expensive and it will do so quickly. When going out, don’t be taken aback that most, if not all of the clubs –and some bars–decorating Crown and Chapel will have five to ten dollar cover charges–not to mention the alcoholic beverages you want to purchase once you’re inside.

Don’t be surprised if your paycheck is all gone by the next day. Instead of racking up the bill by creating those dangerous bar tabs, explore New Haven more deeply and walk away with more money in your wallet. I bet you’d never know New Haven actually offers free things open to the public!

First off, start walking up Chapel and stop at the Yale New Haven Art Gallery. It’s free to the public, so what could be better?! With the many exhibitions the gallery offers, you’ll be surprised how fast the time goes by. After, hit up The Book Trader Café. Bring your old books and exchange them for new ones while enjoying a cup of cheap coffee.

Then while you’re still walking up Chapel, find the Mural that’s painted outside the alley at Hull’s Art Supplies. Follow the instructions.

Explore York Street, up and down. Stop when a small staircase with an arrow pointing up towards The Noodle House crosses your eyes. Grab a cheap lunch or dinner, and walk away spending $21 on three people. If tossed noodles with sesame sauce and fried vegetables doesn’t sound very appealing, try Mamoun’s. They stay open late with delicious falafel and hookah pipes, and customers can bring their own alcohol.There’s no need for overpriced meals and drinks, so visit Howe Street off Broadway and hit up Mamoun’s.

The Noodle House located in downtown New Haven.

You don’t have to go broke if you want a night out downtown. There are many options, and all you have to do is explore. Find the little shops. For instance Group W Bench on Chapel right before York Street is a great nostalgia shop. If you’re looking for blast-from-the-past memories this is the perfect place for it.

Lastly on High Street at Yale’s old campus, the Dwight Chapel offers meditation classes every Monday and Thursday nights for free. When I first went I had no idea what I was getting into and had no expectations in my head of what it would be like. But once the hour session was over, I felt calm, stress free and incredibly relaxed.

Find the little treasures of New Haven and explore its less expensive side. There is more to New Haven then the clubs and Broadway shopping district. Welcome to New Haven.

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