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Movie Review: “The Dark Knight Rises” exceeds expectations

Jon MorenoManaging Editor

Any young child growing up who has aspirations of one day becoming the world’s savior would be told by any responsible adult that superheroes are a figment of his or her imagination.

But what happens when a superhero emerges through film and all of the sudden being one doesn’t seem too far off from reality… when all of the sudden, we see a superhero in film that we can actually relate to?

Unless a biology class or two were skipped and the lesson was missed, human beings don’t have spider senses, unparalleled super strength, or can turn green with rage when provoked and destroy whatever is in path like a toddler walking through Lego bricks.

However, what makes Batman so powerful is that he is the hero most relatable to his viewers.

As Director Christopher Nolan blessed the world with the ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy, fans were beginning to realize that something special was brewing and nothing cemented that like Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker. So when the last 20 minutes were unfolding in ‘The Dark Knight Rises,” a bittersweet feeling ensued as fans were watching the end of possibly the greatest movie trilogy of all time.

‘Rises’ is not just a great superhero movie but also a great movie, period. Of course it had its flaws as every movie does, but they were minuscule to the overall experience of the film. Without spoiling anything (which if you haven’t seen the movie by now, shame on you), as a viewer I did feel a bit misled on certain aspects of the plot.

Ultimately, ‘Dark Knight’ is the better film as Ledger’s legacy will remain untouched, but ‘Rises’ does provide the perfect ending. It ends with a sense of hope despite the viewer feeling throughout almost three hours that things just are not meant to go well in Bruce Wayne’s world.

In terms of performances, Christian Bale plays his best Batman and Bruce Wayne yet. In ‘Rises,’ eight years have passed since the last film and Bruce is in a dark place that viewers hadn’t seen him in since the murder of his parents. Bruce has gone into hiding after Batman escapes the police at the end of ‘Dark Knight.’ A man who carries the burden of protecting his city is conflicted as his loyal butler Alfred reminds him that he is no longer the man he once was. Is returning as Batman to save Gotham from Bane’s destruction worth the possible sacrifice of his life?

On the topic of Bane, Tom Hardy was given the difficult task to portray a character with a mask on his face as a necessity to survive in essentially every scene in the film. Hardy has made a name for himself as a physical force in movies like “Warrior” and “Bronson.” But fans have yet to see him this heartless and cruel. Hardy’s entire performance is carried through his eyes with his deep and devious voice.

Bane and Joker can simply not be compared as Bane has a very structured plan to destroy Gotham while Joker did things just… well, to do them. And that’s what is truly remarkable about the trilogy. Batman has fought a diverse group of villains.

Other newcomers include Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Officer John Blake, and Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate. Hathaway practically steals the show with her captivating rendition of the seductive Catwoman. The roles of Blake and Tate are also a lot more important than initially led on by Nolan. They each play crucial parts to the ending of the trilogy.

As a fan, I saw myself not wanting the inevitable to happen as the movie ended. But also as a fan, I knew I was treated to the best three Batman films anyone can ask for.

Marvel has seen much success over the last few years with its films like the Avengers ,and while DC Comics struggles to roll out films at the same pace, one thing is for sure; no film is as daring, provocative, or triggers the same emotions from viewers as the Batman films have. Marvel, you may have our money but Batman, you have our hearts.

Overall: 5 out 5 Owls

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