Today: Jun 25, 2024

Top ten best habits to get into

Jessica Giannone Opinions Editor

1) Taking deep breaths when you’re about to vent out at your lover, friend or any other poor unsuspecting victim, before the explosion.
2) Yoga, medication, or any other form of relaxation that will prevent you from ripping your head off (especially before finals).
3) Always have water on the go—staying hydrated is the easiest way to be at least somewhat productive with your body.
4) Give at lease one person a compliment every day—it could change their world.
5) Open the dictionary every day and pick a different word to use for the rest of it—nothing wrong with sounding smart and expanding your vocab.
6) Replace any bad habit you might have—instead of smoking, indulge in a tasty, healthy snack every time you get the urge.
7) Exercise, even for five minutes—it releases endorphins
8) Eat an apple a day— we know how that goes.
9) Just smile—physically, it really is supposed to make you happier.
10) Laugh, all day every day—if you refer to the article on page four, you’ll see why you should!

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