Today: Jun 19, 2024

If we swapped roles

Jessica Giannone — Opinions Editor

So we know there are distinct gender differ­ences when it comes to social standards, but let’s take a few moments to reflect on how funny things would be if there were no variations. Let’s imagine the following actions as if the opposite sex were to carry them out. Here, friends, are what girls can get away with that guys normally can’t.

  • Holding each other and putting cheeks  together in photos
  • Holding hands and walking
  • Sleeping in the same bed under the  covers
  • Dancing by themselves
  • Hugging long and tight/kisses on cheek, etc.
  • Cooking for each other when sick
  • Sending each other flowers
  • Adjusting clothes for each other
  • Selecting outfits for each other
  • Baking cookies together
  • Going to dinner and a romantic movie  together and sitting next to each other
  • Crying in public
  • Cuddling together on the couch and gossiping
  • Go into a friend’s stall while they’re peeing/  going to bathroom together in general
  • Giving homemade birthday cards to each  other
  • Brushing each other’s hair
  • Giving each other massages
  • Going for martinis
  • Sending each other pictures of themselves to see what they look like
  • Wearing clothes of the opposite sex
  • Call each other baby/honey

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