Today: Jun 17, 2024

Editor’s Note: Top 10 things to do in New Haven before you graduate

1. Go to Pepe’s Pizza, then Sally’s, then experience that internal struggle trying to decide which is better.
2. Have your go at convincing the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority that unicorns don’t exist.
3. Go to a show at Toad’s Place—it doesn’t really matter which one.
4. Get a Starbucks coffee and make your way around Yale as
pretentiously as humanly possible.
5. Don’t get mugged.
6. Go for a hike. East and West Rock are technically in Hamden, but hey, so is part of Southern.
7. Find someone from out of state and try to describe where you go to school without using Yale as a reference point.
8. Find a homeless person and sincerely thank him or her for destroying the
New Haven green. Also, distribute a brochure directing him or her to the nearest campground.
9. Go to a pro sports event—just kidding!
10. No, but seriously, I prefer Modern. Totally underrated.

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