Today: Jun 16, 2024

College A-Z: SCSU style


Alcohol- We all know about this one. Be merry, but not too merry.
Books- All the more reason to sell your kidney.
Campus- The only place you’ll find students walking across town lines to get to class.
Downtown- There’s just something about it that appeals to the true clubbers. Could it be the crime rate?w
Ethics- To study or not so study?
Freedom- To sleep, party and maintain your messy room.
GPA- Get a Passing Average.
Housing- Gotta love dorm life. Broken drawers, nonworking Internet and all.
Ink- Another thing we have to pay for.
Jungle Juice- Always at full supply off of Fitch.
Knowledge- How to mix a Long Island Iced Tea.
Library- The beautiful, highlight attraction for prospective students.
Money- Gone.
Nachos- The reason for your guilt leaving Conn.
Owls- The real hooters.
Parking- Impossible after 10 a.m.
Quad- Freshmen headquarters.
Roommates- Good practice for anger management.
Soco’s- No one over 19 allowed.
Tuesdays- The first day of the week.
Uno- The number of books you actually read.
Vista- An unnecessary way for classes to stay connected.
Wasted- Time, money and frequent physical state (for some).
Xtra- Foodloot. Whoohoo.
Yale- The only way people can identify where Southern is.
Zzzzzz- All day, every day.

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