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F.A.C.E combines fashion and astronomy in Lyman

Photo courtesy Tamika Alexander
F.A.C.E. models look to innovate new themes and concepts every year.

Tamika AlexanderStaff Writer

Students with elaborate faces covered in pinks, greens, reds and blues, wearing today’s hottest and newest fashions, walked the run way to display the 12 zodiacs of the horoscope. To show the individuality of each sign, F.A.C.E. models wore original designs by up and coming designers in their show titled, “Zodiacs,” this past Saturday at the Lyman Hall for Performing Arts at Southern Connecticut State University.

Zodiac signs have a correlation with astrology, the study of the stars and planets, according to, a website that explains in detail each of the 12 signs.

“Your personal zodiac sign is determined by your birthday and each of these twelve signs has its own unique traits and tendencies,” according to

For each scene, the audience saw the fashion characteristics of two signs, some traits one may not have expected to see.

“You can’t expect anything,” said Schweing Harvey, junior business administration major at SCSU. “I think that’s what makes the show. We’re always doing something unexpected and innovative.”

This is F.A.C.E. models eighth year running. In 2005, F.A.C.E. brought the audience, “Take Flight,” and in 2006 they brought “F.A.C.E. University,” and in 2007 “Fashion District.” In 2008, they brought “Era of Style.” In 2009, they brought the crowd “Back to the Basics,” in 2010 “F.A.C.E. in Couture land,” and in 2011 “F.A.C.E. in Pandora,” according to the university website.

First becoming a member of F.A.C.E. as a hobby three years ago, Harvey said he now participates for reasons beyond that.

“F.A.C.E. models lead the way for many fashion shows and other fashion groups,” he said. “When I began school here the show was one of the main events on campus everyone looked forward to.”

Besides being so well known on campus, others decided to become a part of F.A.C.E. because of its unity, said Dominique Burrell, former F.A.C.E. model and therapeutic recreation graduate student at SCSU.

“I think F.A.C.E. is set apart from other modeling groups because it’s a family and they care about progress in modeling and life,” she said.

A decent sized crowd came out to the show Saturday night to see the group come together as a whole. DJ Brandon Jhon played music to

keep the crowd entertained while models were backstage getting ready for the next scene.

“We have to run through the show,” said Harvey, “getting make-up and hair situated for over 20 people. You always have to make sure the clothes fit and they get to the right pweople, it’s really just a mad house but everything always comes together in the end.”

Dancers from Dee’s Dee’s Dance School out of New Haven, Conn. and a rap group called the L.A. Boys also entertained the crowd during brief intermissions.

“It’s nice to see kids doing something productive and positive,” said Tiffany Sanders, fashion show attendee about the members of the dance school.

With energy and precision, Dee’s Dee’s Dance School danced to a hip-hop mixed that earned them cheers from the crowd.

To continue the energy the models were back on stage to continue the fashion display of zodiacs, with a business and a casual scene.

“I think the show was good,” said Burrell. “It gave a lot of insight to fashion and zodiac.”

While some may have never thought to connect zodiac signs and fashion together, they go hand and hand according to, an informational fashion website, and F.A.C.E. models brought it to clear view.

“I think the show,” said Burrell, “always takes it a step up each year. I think the fashion in this show was definitely better than last year.”

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