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Sports Commentary: Tebow vs. Lin


What a 24-hour span we had in the NFL last week.

By far, the biggest story was the long trade of Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets—twice.

Tebow will now have to share that spotlight with the latest star, Jeremy Lin. These were two of the biggest sports stories in the few months and maybe ever.

To have these two current stars with their stories is one thing. To have them now in the same town is a turn of events not many could imagine a week ago. The publicity around these two has been crazy, but hopefully now it helps bring a winning product.

Tebow is one of the best college players ever and has a resume to back that up. He has a Heisman trophy and he is a two-time national champion. He helped produce “The Promise” that has a plaque on Florida’s campus after a loss to Mississippi to help guide the Gators to a national championship. He is one of the most popular professional athletes to date with “Tebowing” and his spiritual background.

Everybody knew Tebow was expendable once Peyton Manning came in. Although you can understand the move, why to the Jets?

In what became problematic quickly, the Jets did not notice they would be responsible for paying $5 million to Tebow that he was due from the Broncos. After a quick hold up, the Jets did complete the trade a second time around.

His quarterback style, however, is not what many people like to see. Tebow needs a different game plan and better throwing habits. He can only survive so much, especially now that he’s in New York.

What happens with the Jets will be interesting to see if and when Tebow could get the title of starting quarterback.

Lin is an Ivy League graduate from Harvard who has been moved around in his early NBA career. After a slow start and just as he was about to possibly be cut by the New York Knicks, he got a chance to play and quickly took it to new heights. He saved the season and his then-head coach’s job with a winning streak, and he was on the Sports Illustrated cover for two consecutive weeks.

The first commercial with the two should come soon. Hopefully we see it before the Knicks are possibly eliminated from playoff contention. The Knicks are actually responding again and hopefully with Lin as a centerpiece to run the floor.

Both guys have popularity on their side and the passion to be a good presence around a team. With both stars hitting the bright lights of New York, I do not think their 15 minutes of fame will be up any time in the near future.

In the green and white corner, Tim “Tebowmania” Tebow. In the blue and orange corner, Jeremy “Lin-sanity” Lin. Let’s get ready to rumble.

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