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The Love Doctor 3/14/12

Dear Dr. Strangelove,
On a vacation to California with my family and friend, more than your typical events occurred. I’ll get straight to the point and say that as me and my friend were at a bar one night, we met these two guys—not exactly the cliché pair of dudes looking for a one night stand (well, they probably were at that point). That night, a couple of short dances turned into a weekend event of sunsets and clear views of mountains. Sounds like a movie I guess, but it really was like that. We were expecting a fun couple of days with cool new people, but our relationships with these boys extended much further beyond that. I can’t say I fell for the guy, but we both agree we shared something special in those short days we got to know each other. Nonetheless, we’ve been talking ever since. I’m not trying to pursue anything with him (considering he lives all the way across the country), but we can’t help but talk, even though we agree it is sort of pointless. I don’t know if I should continue this further (before I actually start to develop feelings for him).
-East Coast Dreamer

Dear East Coast Dreamer,
Long-distance love affairs are always romantic and bittersweet. It’s the separation that probably makes the situation seem more special than it is (not to put a damper on your movie). I’m sure you’d think of each other in the same way that you would if you lived closer together, but it wouldn’t have that “want what you can’t have” aspect to it. I always say, it can’t hurt to keep a friend. But I know it’s easier to agree to something than to actually follow through with it; you can’t help if you develop feelings for him. The thing is, if he was special enough for you to keep him in your life in some way, it must mean something. Who’s to say you couldn’t work something out down the road if your relationship ever progressed? I say keep him in your life. If you fall for him, so be it. Life has a funny way of working things out.
-Dr. Strangelove

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