Today: Jul 14, 2024

Callin’ all Owls


Let’s jump back to last year shall we?
The baseball team finished with an amazing 45-9-1 record—a ridiculous comeback in the NCAA East Region tournament, which saw the Owls win three straight, clinching a spot in the Division 2 College World Series. They then had a deep run in the Series and finished fourth in the nation.
The softball team finished with a record of 35-21. After a solid regular season the women lost their first round NE-10 tournament game against Merrimack. After defeating UMass-Lowell the next day, the Owls went on an unprecedented run winning four games in one day and consequently taking the NE-10 tournament.
(Remember when you were a kid and dreading playing a double header?)
They then went to the NCAA East Region tournament and made a run but fell short.
Did any of you know that? Did any of you go to any of their games last season? If you need a refresher the baseball field is located right behind Seabury Hall and the softball field is right next to Pelz.
I know that our school is a commuter school—heck I am a commuter. But I also lived on campus for three years and I know how you guys are in the dorms.
You push snooze until you decide to get up or just sleep through class. If you make it to class, you are half asleep waiting for it to end so you could go back to your room and continue your quest for prestige in the new Call of Duty. Or you run to Conn Hall, stuff your face and talk about how bad Conn Hall is over Facebook or Twitter.
I get it; you guys are being “So College.” But seriously, I hear people complain on campus how there is nothing to do during the week. How the events on campus don’t interest you, so you don’t go. And then you complain on Facebook and Twitter.
I will give you some free advice: get the hell off of your lazy behind and walk towards the baseball or softball fields. These two teams aren’t just some of the best teams on our campus, but they are two of the better teams in their respective sports across the country.
While you are working on your seventh prestige in Call of Duty or figuring out which flavor of Burnett’s you are going to drink that night, (so you can go out and take kissy-face pictures at the bar), you are missing out on watching Division II player of the year finalist Chris Zbin toss a complete game shutout or watching Kyle Cummings and Sam Greenberg turn a smooth double play.
You are missing out on Jayme Larson throwing another no-hitter or watching Alyssa Pagano make a ridiculous diving catch in the outfield.

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