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Women asking for abuse: not OK

There is always a lot to talk about when it comes to award shows—tweeting and Facebooking about every person that wins, loses, performs or presents an award.
This year the Grammys followed the same pattern, and this year there was a lot to talk about. There are always going to be people saying insane things about the stars that appear at the award shows, but this year it got a little bit crazy.
After the Grammys the website by the name of buzzfeed posted the 25 most upsetting tweets that where posted during the Grammys.
All of these tweets were women posting about how they would let Chris Brown beat them up any day, if it meant that they got to be with him.
When I read these tweets I felt sick. I am assuming that all of these tweets started after he won the Grammy for best R&B album. Excuse me for saying this, but there is seriously something wrong with society these days for women to say that they want to get beat up by a guy. Are you serious?
These women should seriously take another look at the picture of Rihanna after Chris Brown abused her a couple of years ago, and then think about what they are saying.
How could someone be OK with getting beat up? This can go all the way back to talking about women’s rights, and all that stuff, but it is more than that. This is a lack of self-respect that any women would be willing to say that they would let a man hit her. Whether it was for one night with them or a relationship, this is just sickening to me.
I personally was surprised when Chris Brown won the award, and frankly that he has been able to maintain the popularity that he has had over the years. After it came out that he had abused Rihanna he lost almost all of his radio play, and his huge contract with Doublemint Gum. Now he is back on the radar.
These posts got so bad that some women where posting pictures of themselves with their little comment next to it. These women were trying to practically advertise themselves out to this guy. Why? Because he is famous? That is a great reason to excuse someone who beats up their girlfriend (please note the extreme sarcasm here.)
I don’t know what these women were trying to get at or trying to prove when they posted these tweets, if they were doing it for attention, well they sure got it.
But let’s seriously put this in the perspective that women freak out when they meet a guy, or go out with a guy, and they don’t call or text. But it would be OK to get hit a couple times so they could spend the night with Chris Brown, really? How is that worth it?
After Valentine’s Day an article came out about a woman in Ohio who attacked her boyfriend the day after Valentine’s Day because he didn’t buy her a Valentine’s gift.
This really isn’t funny. But take this story and compare it to the fact that women are willing to excuse the fact that Chris Brown beat up his girlfriend. Even to go as far as saying that they would totally let him hit them for a night with him, and then read this story of a women going crazy just because her boyfriend didn’t get her a gift really brings in the question of what kind of world we live in.
No women or person period should be OK with someone getting hurt in a relationship. Abuse should not be tolerated, and these women are pretty much advertising themselves that abuse is OK, and it is not at all OK.
No one should be put through that pain. No one deserves that, and for people to outright say that they would let Chris Brown hit them, joke or not, is not right. It doesn’t exhibit that abuse is wrong, it makes it seem like if the person is hot enough or rich enough it is OK. And that is just wrong and sickening. How anyone could say something like that sickens me and makes me upset

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