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Sports Commentary: ‘Linsanity’


There might be people out there who say they do not enjoy watching the NBA.

But you must be joking if you are a sports fan and not watching after what has transpired over the past two weeks.

Jeremy Lin is doing exactly what any professional athlete should.—grab your opportunity with a lot of heart, show off your skills and let the rest fall into place.

There is no way to describe it but “LINSANITY.” I hope people are taking this in because it really does not happen every day.

About two-and-a-half weeks ago, the New York Knicks were sinking themselves quickly. They were losing game after game against the better teams Knicks fans have been dreaming of going up against.

When the Knicks’ run first started, the Harvard graduate was almost cut. Lin burst onto the scene against the Nets as a last resort off of the bench. With his offensive performance and speed, he showed he did deserve at least another night to play.

After lighting up the Lakers for 38 points during a prime time game on national television, we all began to buy into a different Knicks team. This was not the team that would crush a game with turnovers and bad shots just a week prior. Lin earned the confidence of the Knicks with their winning streak and the entire roster has been determined to not let MSG down.

With all-stars Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony slotting back into the lineup, Lin has saved head coach Mike D’Antoni’s job for a little while longer—and maybe a lot longer if this thing continues into the playoffs. Here comes the famous D’Antoni offense everybody has been waiting for.

For those that like a good sports story, here it is on an extra-large silver platter. We might not know yet if this run is a long-term solution. We do not know entirely if Lin is the next Steve Nash in D’Antoni’s system. We do not know if the starting lineup can now compete with the best in the Eastern Conference like the Heat, Bulls and Celtics.

What we do know is that nobody should have one negative thing to say about the kid who has become an international star faster than it takes to make an auto-tuned song. A player like Lin is what every sport might need. With the first half of the season coming to an end, it is hard to dispute that for the second year in a row, the Knicks will be the team to watch this time around as “LINSANITY” tears through the NBA.

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