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Sports Commentary: King of New York

PETE PAGUAGA — Sports Editor

With all the success the New York sports world has been having this year, the question has been circulating about who is the best athlete in New York. Jeremy Lin is not—I repeat—NOT on this list. Just because he had 10 great games doesn’t mean he is a top athlete in New York, at least not yet.

5. John Tavares

This guy is a stud, flat out. I know this pick might be biased, but watching this kid every game since his rookie year, he has gone from good to great. He is definitely the best skater in not only the New York area, but he is the most talented player in the Atlantic Division not named Crosby or Malkin. He is on pace for over 80 points and has gotten better ever season, playing alongside a mediocre supporting cast.

4. Carmelo Anthony

Linsanity this, Stoudemire that, I don’t care what anybody says, Melo is the best player on the Knicks hands down. This guy night in and night out is a threat to score 40 points. He has the ability to take over a game on the offensive side of the ball and carry the team on his back. This season has gotten off to a slow start and he is coming back from an injury, but expect him to have a huge second half.

3. Robinson Cano

With all the talent on the Yankees roster, there has only been one consistent hitter—that is Robbie Cano. He is the best overall hitter in the MLB, he has the perfect swing and he can hit the ball to all fields. He plays flawless defense and has a rocket arm. He is easily the best player on the most talented team in New York.

2. Henrik Lundquist

King Henrik, as the Rangers fan call him, has always been a top-three goalie in the NHL since he came into the league. This season he has been lights-out, posting .941 save percentage, 1.77 GAA and a league-leading seven shutouts. He is the lone reason the Rangers are in first place in the Eastern Conference.

1. Eli Manning

What else could be said? He is a two-time Super Bowl winner in the most popular sport and the media capital of the world. He is ‘elite’ and he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He led the Giants to the Super Bowl after his two favorite targets didn’t return and the Giants also had the worst running game in the NFL. He was the reason why they won the Super Bowl. Therefore he is the “King of New York.”

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  1. Good article Pete. I always learn something from your articles and this week it was the name of John Tavares, center for the New York Islanders. He certainly seems like a good candidate for the list, he does need to increase his +/- ratio.

    I like Carmelo, and he certainly can play but i think he needs to share the ball a little more. Being a potential 40 point scorer and scoring 40 points are two different stories. Don’t downplay Stoudemire, the Knicks need him to win. It will be interesting to see what happens to Lin long term. I’m looking forward to seeing this Knick team in the playoffs, you never know.

    Cano is amazing, i agree with what you said about him. He has to be careful to not let all the good press go to his head. He has had mental errors in the past, and we have seen what that can do to second basements in the Bronx. One more ring for Mo before he leaves.

    Seeing a Ranger player on this list shows me you really are journalist and not just a fan. Lunquist has been lights out this year. He has done this for years now, I hope he gets a parade down Broadway this year, he deserves it.

    Eli had a great year, he impressed me in the 49er game. he never got angry, never got on his O-line about protection, a class act. I was happy to see him win another ring.

    Keep writing….keep Rockin

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