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The Love Doctor 2/15/12

Dear Dr. Strangelove,
Me and my boyfriend have been together for about nine months. At this point, because of my job and the fact that his life revolves around his EX college’s basketball team, we only see each other on Mondays and every other weekend. This was working out fine until he decided to blow me off for practice, to a team that he really has no required obligation to. Even though he graduated, I know being there for his team is important to him, but what the hell? He sees his friends more than me and I sacrifice all of my plans for him. And he told me to just deal with it! Should I be mad or am I overreacting?
-Fed up Female

Dear Fed up Female,
I would take a step back and relax (at least for now). Did you try explaining to him how it bothered you (in a non-woman-maniac manner)? You’re definitely not wrong for feeling a little ticked-off. And he certainly shouldn’t be so selfish about it, telling you to ‘just deal with it.’ I would make it clear, in whatever way, that the way he put it wasn’t exactly the best. Maybe if he realizes that he is completely disregarding your feelings, he’ll change his attitude. It should be a give and take relationship. You guys should sit and figure out how to balance out your relationship. And in the mean time, dedicate some time to your friends. He can wait!
-Dr. Strangelove

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