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Sports Commentary: Dear Rex and Co.


Dear New York Jets fans,

I would like to congratulate you as fans and your organization on winning your third consecutive Super Bowl championship. What a magical three years it has been.

Who knew when Woody Johnson and Mike Tannenbaum decided to hire Rex Ryan away from the Baltimore Ravens that in three years he would be a three-time Super Bowl championship coach?

Who knew that when Johnson and Tannenbaum traded away two draft picks and three players that Mark Sanchez would be in the HOV lane to Canton? Three Super Bowl rings, along with three Super Bowl MVPs, in his first three years, he is on pace to be the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Joe Montana who?

Some analysts ripped apart the Jets for bringing in “cancer” players such as Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress—that there was no way that the Jets could win a championship, let alone three!

After seeing what I have in these last three seasons, I want to sincerely apologize to all you Jets fans. I was wrong to say Rex Ryan and his over exuberance would be outplayed. I am sorry that I said Mark Sanchez would be a bust and how his good looks would only get him so far. Also, sorry for doubting the amazing defensive mind of Rex, the pass rush is fantastic, it seems like age doesn’t affect any of the players.

All the talking the guys did has paid off; New York is certainly painted in green. Eli Manning and Tom Brady must now bow down to Gang Green.

Speaking of Manning, all you fans were so 100 percent correct. Eli isn’t that good, that Super Bowl he won in 2007 was because of the defense and one lucky catch. I think you might be right, I don’t think he can read.

Brady, psh he doesn’t deserve one of his Super Bowl victories. Without Adam Vinatieri, Brady would be just another quarterback. Also, you guys were right, Sanchez is so much better looking than Brady.

Darrelle Revis, what a player is all I have to say. He hasn’t let up a touchdown in what seems like forever. He is hands-down not only the greatest cornerback ever, he is the greatest defensive player in NFL history. Forget Darrell Green, Ronnie Lott, “Neon” Deion Sanders, Rod Woodson and Dick “Night Train” Lane—Revis is the greatest ever.

Do you guys remember the time when Rex pulled off every player on defense off the field, except for Revis and Revis pitched a shutout? It was pure dominance.

The New York Jets are beyond a dynasty; they are the greatest team ever assembled.


Humbled and envious Giants/Patriots fans


  1. Even a Superbowl victory can’t stop the Giants fans from hating on the Jets. I know if we won we wouldn’t be writing about the Giants and why they didn’t win it.

  2. A somewhat controversial column, glad you had some fun with the topic.
    Quarterbacks like journalist mature with time. It would be unfair to compare a two year college graduate sports writer with Phil Pepe and Mike Lupica. Everyone needs time to mature, some mature faster than others. After 3 years in the league no one would have said, Eli will have 2 rings in the next 5 years. Let’s see what happens to Sanchez in the next few years. I agree the Jets have to get better on defense. Teams scored on them last season and the Jets have to prevent that. The Jets have to win games 10 – 7 or 14 – 10. Their defense has to shut the other team down. Revis is not the problem, the pass rush has to get better, the secondary can’t cover a receiver all day. I agree the Jets should reduce the number of head cases on the team. I think as Sanchez matures he will be able to control some of the crazies. Don’t forget Jordan was able to control Rodman, they also had the Zen Master coach, but it always helps when you are winning. Rex is fun to watch when the team wins, but no one looks good when you lose.

    When the Yankees were playing bad in the 1980’s it wasn’t fun reading what the “crazy” owner did every day on the back page of the newspapers. It was a lot more fun reading what the “smart” Yankee owner did in the late 1990’s when the team dominated the baseball world. Same guy, same rants, same back pages but better results.

    Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the Rangers and the Knicks 🙂
    I’m looking forward to your next article.

    Keep writing….keep Rockin

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