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Despite setbacks, senior continues to look forward with music

Photo courtesy Cameron DiNatale
Cameron DiNatale with his former band, Falling Season.


At the bar in Myrtle Beach, Camron DiNatale stood in front of the crowd ready to give them the show they came for.

DiNatale, with his former band Falling Season, were at Myrtle Beach to play their music during their tour in 2009.

“That was where the people were like really into our music,” said DiNatale. “They were buying merchandise, t-shirts, cd’s left and right, I was like ‘what is this place?’ We weren’t used to that.”

A music major at Southern, DiNatale has been around music since being a child.

His parents were both singers in a band named American Graffiti, that played classic rock and funk music said DiNatale, and shared that when he was old enough, would sing on stage with the band.

As he got older, he learned how to play piano, and eventually he’d join various bands, but it wasn’t until joining Falling Season where the music became serious said DiNatale.

Guitar, keyboard, bass, drums and vocals—these were the instruments that Falling Season consisted of.

It was influenced by 90’s alternative bands like Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots, and Sound Garden.

They released a five track EP titled “Still Fade” and toured around the East Coast stopping at Pennsylvania, New York, North and South Carolina and in his hometown of Hamden, Conn. in the summer of 2009.

However, the success of touring came to an end when the drummer of Falling Season left the band.

DiNatale said from there it was a chain of events that led to the break up.

“It was hard to get back into music after Falling Season broke up,” said DiNatale. Although he said he was discouraged from continuing music, he continued writing on his own, and now wants to write his own music to sing.

Having studied music at Betsy Ross Arts Magnet School and Educational Center for the Arts, DiNatale continued his study of music while attending Southern.

Dr. David Chevan, a professor in the music department, said he remembers seeing DiNatale perform at ECA.

He said he took note of DiNatale’s talent, and now at Southern, sees how far he has pushed himself as an artist.

Being a current instructor of DiNatale, Chevan said, “It’s impressive how much he invests of himself in the [musical] projects, and how seriously he takes the concept of being an accomplished singer,” and added that he shows potential to have a long lasting career in music.

“If you’re really into your music and it shows, then your audience will be into your music,” explained DiNatale.

He said he’s influenced by Eddie Vedder for his stage presence, and Chris Cornell for his singing.

“He’s a very talented singer. He’s versatile with his voice, and can get somewhere [in music] if he puts his mind to it,” said music major and collaborator, Russ Frost.

While at Southern, DiNatale, Matt Sorena, and Sam Holdings have formed an acoustic trio.

DiNatale sings and plays piano, Sorena plays acoustic guitar, and Holdings plays the djembe drums.

The group covers various songs, and also writes original music. They have been practicing and writing new material to perform at local venues.

Nothing has “clicked” for DiNatale since leaving Falling Season until the trio formed he said.

DiNatale said he’s aiming to move to California after graduating from Southern.

There he wants to get a Masters in music, and further his career in music.

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