Today: May 29, 2024

Washington not quite ‘in check’

THOMAS M. CARROLLSpecial to Southern News
Over the past two years, President Barack Obama has been starting to send out his campaign rhetoric. The staff across the country in their “Hope, and Change” headquarters has the 270 banner set up again. It’s all about the numbers to them. Neither substance nor solutions matter, as the last three years have proven.
As Connecticut residents, can you honestly say the hundreds of billions have improved our infrastructure? Are there still rusty bridges and overpasses? If you divide $800 billion between 50 states, throw in Puerto Rico and other parts of the world, which makes up the budget in Washington, D.C., where did all that money go? Count the rust versus the billions, I say!
In the middle of the past century, our country banded behind Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Ike and other supreme commanders to help out our allies, which included the likes of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, France and many others who were terrorized by the Nazis, the Fascists and others.
Defeating the evil in four years, where our young, brave nation helped create a peaceful world, hoping democracy would catch on and flourish, I now wonder if Texas Congressman Ron Paul and Obama have ever visited a Holocaust museum (before making rational decisions regarding solutions to new world problems). If they had, would they think the way they do, regarding Israel?
Paul’s comments recently are irreprehensible to the safety of our nation/world:
“Why should we care what kind of governments we do business with, or talk to?”
Really, Paul. Is there a dictator presently that you would want to negotiate with? I guess we changed our national security policy. We now should negotiate with terrorist(s)? Your constitutional talk like Obama’s scares most of the nation. I’m sure you or Obama will lose the Jewish-American and Catholic vote this time around. The Nazis (present day Iran and other terrorist states) do not like Jews, Catholics or Christians either.
Why either of you would ever get either cultures vote is beyond me.
Between 1941 and 1945 our great nation sacrificed, adapted and overcame evil of that period. In four years our leaders bonded our country together to defeat evil dictators, such as the ones our world has now. Children from our not-too-distant past collected cans, families recycled, our government and its people budgeted. There were no unconstitutional laws “lame ducked.”
Most importantly, here in America, immigrants waited in long lines to become “proud Americans,” investing in our nation and not filtering all their earnings back to socialistic nations that they left. Neighbors helped out neighbors. They knew the freedoms of America were the best in the world!
In conclusion, I am writing this piece to hopefully replace current rhetoric of “Hope, and Change.” Maybe what I have written will be a reminder of what is at stake. We need leaders in our country that do not blame others. “I got the short end of the stick” is not a philosophy that will create an atmosphere to move our nation forward through these turbulent times.
Blaming others for the condition of any part of our economy or state of being is preposterous. Giving Obama’s rhetoric or Paul’s one-liners is really getting old. The honeymoon is over.
Remember what our past leaders accomplished in four years. What has Paul or Obama done within their terms? Passing no significant legislation that’s what: not keeping Washington in check. During the extreme times of the last century when millions died from war and disease, our population voted for the person that kept our nation safe, and prosperous! Not jokers like them.

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