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The Love Doctor 2/8/12

Dear Dr. Strangelove,
Me and my boyfriend just started dating. It’s been a few months. This will obviously be our first Valentine’s Day together. Normally I would be OK with the dinner, movie and exchange of small gifts. The thing is, he apparently goes “all out” for V-Day and has spoiled his past girlfriends. This sounds great, but for me it feels stressful. I’m broke to begin with, and I can’t afford to give him half the stuff he’ll give me. I feel bad that I can’t give him much and that his last girlfriends spoiled him all the same. What should I do?
-Cupid Day Crisis

Dear Cupid Day Crisis,
As we all know, relationships aren’t all about how much money is spent or suffocating your partner with material things. Sure, it’s nice to have a special Valentine’s Day and exchange some presents, but it isn’t a competition with your lover; especially not his exes! He probably understands your situation, and a small thing like gifts shouldn’t be the deal-breaker in a relationship. How about treating him to a special homemade dinner/dessert and oil massage? Small incentives (sweet or sexy) can go a long way!
-Dr. Strangelove

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