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Get involved on campus

The typical college student has about five classes per semester totaling around 15 credits, and with all the empty time in between classes and studying, what’s a kid to do?
Of course there’s partying, but I’m not exactly the partying type, so disregard my Irish ancestry. There’s the TV, which is a privilege for someone like me who’s used to the basic 20-channel cable package back home. Oh, and don’t forget Conn, which provides plenty of opportunities to fill up your empty time while also satisfying your sweet tooth.
It was about this far into the fall semester when my excess of free time started taking its toll. That’s when the club fair came around, and by then I was so activity-starved I signed up for about 10 clubs— an amount which I eventually whittled down to a committed three. Going to the club fair and signing up for clubs that interested me was the best choice I made during my first semester of college.
I tried rugby for the first time, found out about Folio, and discovered clubs like Colleges Against Cancer, Bookmarks (the English club), and FLOW (Fearless Lovers of Word). No matter what your interests are, there is most likely a group, club, or activity on campus that matches it. Why not get involved and be productive with all of that free time you spend watching TV or at Conn?
The first step could be to simply attend some activities on campus. For example, attend a sports event like a home basketball game or a hockey match. This could be a great opportunity to make new friends and to find people with interests similar to your own. Other events are often advertised on the electronic screens in the student center and sent to our Southern email. Events like the Heritage Ball or an open-mic night provide great opportunities for getting involved with your fellow colleagues. By taking advantage of the numerous activities on campus, you can make your college experience much more rewarding and memorable!
There are so many clubs at Southern, and the level of needed commitment varies with each. Some club sports like Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee and Men’s Volleyball require commitment to practice times and game days, while others may prefer commitment to meeting times, but can keep you updated with club minutes from meetings you miss. Depending on your level of interest, the amount of free time you have and your work load, you can choose which club fits your schedule. An alternative for club sports is Intramurals, which just started up. If you missed the sign-ups (like I did), I hear there’s another chance mid-semester.
Sororities and fraternities can be awesome ways to find new friends and to get involved on campus. Many hold fundraisers for charity and organize events on campus. Greek life is not only a way to make long-lasting relationships with your sisters or brothers, but also a way to help out the community!
Tutoring is another great way to benefit the Southern community and get involved. This could be a great resume builder if you are going into the education field. Community involvement like volunteering for the Big Event or the upcoming Relay for Life will look good on your resume and will also be a rewarding experience for you and those you are supporting. By taking part in community projects like the Big Event, you can make a change in the community.
Take part in an activity or club on campus that is outside of your dorm room and you’ll have memorable experiences of college life rather than just watching TV and eating at Conn

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