Today: Mar 03, 2024

Sports Commentary: Welcome to Canton


I was at my house, surrounded with family and friends, jumping up and down hugging everyone around me as Eli took the final knee to run out the clock and solidify the Giants as Super Bowl XLII champions. I didn’t think I would ever feel that jubilation again.

Boy was I wrong.

Last Sunday didn’t only match that, but it surpassed any game I have ever watched in the 21 years of my existence.

It was a rematch surrounded with more hype than any Super Bowl I had ever remembered, Manning vs. Brady in the house that Peyton built. Could it get any better?

You bet it did, the Giants came out hot, moving the ball at will, but they weren’t able to put many points on the board. The Giants defense played well in the first half, but Brady did was well, moving away from the Giants pressure, finding open receivers and scoring at the end of the first half. He did again at the beginning of the second half, both with ease.

After that the Patriots didn’t even sniff the end zone. The defense played great, getting in Brady’s face and making him throw difficult passes. The Giants offense wore down the Patriots defense and scored late in the game to take the lead and put the game in the defense’s hand—they stepped up. Well, with some help from two drops by Deion Branch and Aaron Hernandez on the final drive.

It was like every analyst said this week, Déjà Blue. The Giants came from behind like they did all season, giving every Giants fan a heart attack or three along the way.

Though Manning was named Super Bowl MVP, the Giants had so many players who contributed to the victory. The receiving corps of Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz all had great games, Chase Blackburn made a huge interception and who could ignore the excellent punting, by the best athlete to follow on twitter, Steve Weatherford.

Back to Manning though. He again outdueled Brady and finally (hopefully) shut every naysayer up. He is elite, he is beyond elite, and I would take him on my team over any quarterback in the NFL,—no questions asked.

This Super Bowl, for fans of any teams, was a great one to watch. It came down to the last minute—the last drive—and it had everything you wanted in a game. Remember the original Star Wars had three parts; so don’t be surprised if we as football fans are treated to the Return of the Jedi.

Also Eli, Canton called and they are expecting you to fly in this week to fit you for your yellow jacket and to get measurements for your bust.

Welcome to Canton.


  1. Nice job Pete. Eli did a great job in the palyoffs. He got up and dusted himself off after being sacked 6 times in the San Francisco game. He looked sharp in the Super Bowl and always seems cool, almost like Jeter.

    Knocking down two Brady passes was impressive to see. Good punting, good coverage, good defense, good coaching…sounds like the formula for winning.

    keep writting…keep Rocking

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