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The Love Doctor 2/1/12

Dear Dr. Strangelove,
I’ve been hooking up with this girl for a couple of months. It’s the best sex I’ve had in my life, and I don’t plan on letting this one go. The thing is, she is starting to get clingy and wants a relationship. But I don’t want to date her, never mind be monogamous. How should I keep her around? If I tell her I don’t want a relationship she’ll stop sleeping with me.
-Stringer of the Clinger

Dear Stringer of the Clinger,
Stringing a girl around for sex obviously isn’t right. Even though you’ve been hooking up in a strictly sexual manner, you shouldn’t lead her on into thinking it will turn into something more if that’s what she expects. You’ll just dig your hole deeper; trust me. The cat will be out of the bag eventually. I would just tell her you want to keep it casual. There’s nothing wrong with that. If she still clings, onto the next.
-Dr. Strangelove

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