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Music Review: Dia Framption – Red


1. “Don’t Kick the Chair” (feat. Kid Cudi) – For a pop/folk singer like Dia Framption to pull off a feature with one of hip-hop’s key players says a lot about the courage she has to go for the unexpected and take risks. It’s necessary for an artist to occasionally do that but when hearing this song, the cohesiveness between the two is apparent as they both sound meant to be on the Greg Kurstin production. It’s strong cut to lead off the album. 4/5 Owls.

2.“Isabella” – This is folk at it’s finest as the angelic Frampton sings to a young girl and advises her to grow into her own, despite her initial fears. Frampton’s knack for melodies is remarkable. 3/5 Owls.

3. “The Broken Ones” – This song made me a Dia Frampton believer. On the NBC hit show “The Voice,” she was runner-up to Connecticut’s own Javier Colon. She did an excellent job covering classic songs throughout the season but the question remained as to whether she can hold her own in a full original project. This song puts those questions to rest. 5/5 Owls.

4. “Good Boy” – Melodies, melodies, melodies surround this album as this song justifies that claim. She is a superb songwriter and an even better storyteller. She follows that trend here with another solid cut. 3/5 Owls.

5.“I Will” (feat. Blake Shelton) – The song is a duet with her mentor, Blake Shelton. At this point in his career, despite not being an even bigger artist than he should be, Shelton’s vocals truly outshine Dia’s in this song. Shelton deserves any success that comes his way and his judging in “The Voice” helped escalate his career to a bigger audience. The song slows down the pace from the previous upbeat tracks for a different feel into Frampton’s versatility. 5/5 Owls.

6.“Billy the Kid” – Back on the up-tempo side, there are mixed feelings on this song. The chorus is pure magic but the verses pull away from that magic as listeners may tolerate them just to hear the beautifully written hook. Good songs don’t have just good parts; the whole thing must be consistent. 2/5 Owls.

7. “Daniel” – Frampton sure seems to like titling her songs after people. This song seems to be to a former lover as she dwells on what may have broken them up in the first place. Despite her success as an artist, it seems like a part of Frampton wishes she can take back some of the things she’s done. Listeners get a sense of her vulnerability and it’s the first time in the album we truly get a personal song. Everything before this seems to be to about other people, rather than herself. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful guitar sings and yes, beautiful melody. 4/5 Owls.

8. “Walk Away” – The drums remind me of the drums in “The Broken Songs,” which is the best song on the album, but this one doesn’t have the same feel. The instruments such as the bass guitar and the subtle bells are beautiful but this one feels more of filler than one of the many good tracks in the album. 2/5 Owls.

9. “Bullseye” – Frampton shows a bit of attitude on this one. The breakdown during the chorus is beyond awesome to listen to. It’s another solid track but nothing to go crazy about. Looks like the best songs were placed on top of the album instead of spreading them out evenly. 2/5 Owls.

10. “Trapeze” – Frampton ends her album going back to her folk roots but still validates my statement of this album being top heavy as this one is far less impressive than previous tracks. Lyrically, all her songs are consistent as she sings about things that people can relate to whether it’s love, having regrets and making big decisions in life. Dia is a talented artist without a doubt. Hopefully in her next project, she branches out from what she is used to and goes for a shot at the charts. She has the vocals, looks and personality that fans are attracted to. She has all the tools; let’s just hope she learns to utilize them to appeal to the masses. Of course, only if that is what she even wants.

Overall: 4 out of 5 Owls

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