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Guitarist has dreams of reaching stardom with music

TAMIKA ALEXANDER — Special to Southern News

A student, a friend, a bassist, John Joaquim said he hopes his musical talents and efforts get him to stardom.

Playing the trumpet in the fifth grade,  Joaquim never thought music would be his passion.

As a high school freshman, his love for the bass guitar began when a friend suggested he try playing.

Now, as a junior at Southern Connecticut State University, he majors in music to perfect his craft in hopes to be as big and as successful as his musical influences such as bassist, Michael “Flea” Balzary from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Victor Wooten or Marcus Miller (also bass players), just to name a few.

He also idolizes Frank Brocklehurst, the man who has taught him the majority of what he knows about the bass since he has started playing.

With the many genres that he plays, he said he shares the artistic characteristics of his idols.

When playing the “funky” stuff, his favorite genre to play, “It’s definitely Chili Pepper-influenced,” said Joaquim. He gives Tom Murphy, a bassist in the band Periphery, as an example of his techniques sound like when playing metal.

Bootsy Collins and Marcus Miller also influence his skill of funk. With his knowledge of different styles of music, Joaquim said he can reach various types of people.

Like any musician, Joaquim said his hopes to have an impact on his audience.

“When I play I do put a lot of emotion into my playing rather than playing a million notes in a second,” he said.

Finding a balance between music his audience can relate to and think about and music that is catchy and easy on the ear.

He said overall, “I just want people to enjoy it, enjoy listening to it.

When composing music, Joaquim likes to characterize himself as being aware.

As a musician he said he tries his best to be in tune.

In tune with different styles of music, what new trends his audience is into, people’s feelings, what they may be going through.

Besides creating music for his audience, he also has played for a few causes.

One of Joaquim’s biggest performances is a high school Battle of the Bands.

Instead of just playing to win, he and the band “Skantronn” were playing to raise money for a scholarship fund in memory of a classmate who has passed from a brain tumor.

Most recent, he has played in a benefit concert to raise money for the homes destroyed due to Hurricane Irene.

His thoughtfulness and humbleness are not overlooked.

Joaquim shares his talent in more ways than one and his peers admire his talent.

“He’s great. He definitely has great talent. He’s always willing to give pointers and bass licks so I can be a better bassist,” said fellow musician, Delroy Clarke.

Bandmate Jonathan Allison described Joaquim in one word: reliable.

“He always locks it in. He’s always at rehearsals and shows on time. I can rely on him to play well,” said Allison. “He’s easy-going, helpful, and listens to ideas. He’s a perfect fit for the band personality and music-wise.”

Joaquim shares a mutual respect with his bandmates.

“Def Sophos,” translating to “Definitely Wise” is the band Joaquim can be caught rocking out with.

A dream that was once never a mere thought for Joaquim is now a flaming passion that he soon hopes to make it a reality.

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