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The Love Doctor 1/25/12

Dear Dr. Strangelove,
I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about four months now. We are pretty comfortable with each other, and I never thought the sex could get any better. However, my boyfriend all of a sudden suggested a threesome. He wants to see me with another girl! His argument? His last girlfriend did it. I don’t know if this is true, but I am not down for this. It would make me completely uncomfortable, and I don’t know how to tell him. I’m afraid he’ll label me as a boring prude and fantasize about how he should move onto other girls because I’m not adventurous enough.
-Three’s Not Company

Dear Three’s Not Company,
I can’t think of a worse reason to stay in a relationship than one that involves sexually sacrificing yourself to please another. It sounds like a bit of a bribe if you ask me. If he would leave you for this, he is a total jerk. You probably don’t feel comfortable enough with him to be in a secure relationship. It sounds like you’re insecure about his feelings toward you, and this shouldn’t be the case in a healthy relationship. Tell him you’re not comfortable, and suggest any other “adventurous” alternatives. Ask him if he would do a threesome with another guy….ha. But who knows, maybe he won’t be that shallow. If he doesn’t respect you, however, then that just saves you the trouble of wondering if he is total pig or not. There are other fish in the sea.
-Dr. Strangelove

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