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Letter to the Editor 1/25/12

The various writers of the articles in your Jan. 18 issue (pp. 3 & 11) re­garding the new Liberal Education Program (LEP) are to be commended (perhaps some kind of Sow’s Ear Award could be constructed) for making clear how won­derful the LEP is and how it solves whatever problems there were in higher educa­tion. In the eight years of discussion leading to its anointment, it had escaped me how perfectly the ideas behind it would fit into the kind of vision the governor’s reorganization of CSU, the community colleges, and the technical schools under a single board fulfills. I was having great difficulty in seeing how we could turn Southern into a community college, but that finally has been revealed to me, and I thank you and them. I almost can see the possibility of Applied Poetry! The pro­ponents of the LEP certainly were visionaries ahead of their time.
-Ken Gatzke

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