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A ‘letter to my children’ when they finally come

Chardoneé WrightStaff Writer

This letter is for my future children
To my unborn boy and girl
While you’re still in my heavenly Father’s care,
I’m preparing for you in this world.
In God’s timing, one day I’ll meet you
One day, you will be here.
While not physically in my womb yet,
I pray that whenever the time is, I’ll be prepared.
I am praying for you now
I pray that you’ll fulfill whatever purpose the Lord has designed
for you.
I pray that you’ll walk in your calling, and seek God for wisdom
before anything you do. I’ll sing “this little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went home” to you, to help you count your toes
I’ll keep a spare box of tissues in my purse, to wipe your snotty
“You see that mom yelling in the stand?!” Oh yeah, that’ll be me at every game, recital, and spelling bee
I will guard every inch of your body with all the power within me.
See, I’m adamant about a stable support system in your life because my father wasn’t around, and it’s OK
my mom, siblings and I are tight

And daughter, as you grow, I’ll teach you your worth and many lessons based off my mistakes.
I won’t hide my past from you, because a lesson is so much more meaningful when it’s from someone with whom you can relate.
Son, I’ll teach you about women, and how to have a genuine and kind side to you.
As you grow up, I’ll always support your aspirations, in whatever you put your mind to
Whether it’s football, tennis, basketball, or ballet
I’m your number one supporter, every single day.
I promise you children, mommy and daddy will raise you under one roof
For I grew up without a physical father in my home and my natural father’s absence made it harder for me to trust a
Father on a heavenly throne.
So my relationship with God was a struggle at first
But I’ve come to break that single-family, poverty-stricken, generational curse.
See, mommy knows how to pray, and mommy knows how to fast
I struggled with loneliness.
Children, I don’t want to see you go through that
I don’t want you (daughter) to learn a man’s love through toxic relationships
But rather, be saturated in true and genuine love that your father will exhibit
For I had a hole in my heart at one point, and thought loving a guy could take that away
God had to restore and heal me, God had to strip some things away.
Those times in my life were rough
But great is the inner strength and beauty that grew from lessons that were tough
I am blossoming into the woman God wants me to be
And daughter, I want that for you
I don’t want you to measure your self-worth based on celebrities, women, and the false sense of reality on TV.
Daughter, I’ll show you that a man pursues you, and how to stick to your standards
And son, I’ll teach one of the greatest traits you can possess is being a gentleman and having manners.
This letter is for my children
Mommy is slowly but surely getting it all right
Working hard now, and you’ll reap the rewards
You will always have a place to rest at night
For the day I bring you home from the hospital
You’ll have your own nursery room decorated with bright splashes of color on the wall.
Don’t worry,
You’ll have many clothes, shoes, blankets and toys
Mounted on dressers, Stacked high and tall
Whenever the Lord sees fit, to place you in my womb
I’ll lay hands on my belly and sing prayers to you.
Growing up, I’ll hold your hand, but only for so long
Because you must learn how to make your own decisions and decide right and wrong.
But the greatest thing I could ever, ever teach you is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
I’ll tell you all I know about him,
And pray that one day you’ll get it right.
I won’t be everywhere at all times
But, you’ll have God to always walk with you
And even when you stumble
Or make a mistake that I don’t like
Mommy will always be there
From stinky diapers to prom night.
I pray that whatever bond we have will never be broken and that nothing can ever pull us apart
This letter is for my future children
Whom I already love with all my heart!

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