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Staff BCS Championship picks


Though I have been thoroughly against a rematch in the National Championship game all season, there is no doubt in my mind Alabama will win the BCS National Championship next month.

The last time these two teams met it went all the way to overtime and LSU won by a field goal, 9-6.  The teams are evenly matched right down to their water boys, except for one position.

The one position Alabama has over LSU is the gigantic man-child named Trent Richardson. Even though Alabama lost to LSU this year, Richardson was easily the best player on the field between both teams throughout the whole game. He had over 160 total yards in the game.

By the time they play the BCS National Championship, Alabama will have had a little over two months to prepare for this rematch and you could bet Nick Saban is going to have his team well prepared to take on Les Miles and the LSU Tigers.

If Richardson gets the ball 30 times and they are able to get into the red zone even once, there is no doubt in my mind that he will score.

Roll Tide!

Alabama 10 – LSU 7

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The BCS National Championship game will be played at the Sugar Bowl this season.


The debate has gone around about whether Alabama or Oklahoma State should play top-ranked LSU Tigers in the national championship.
The Tigers are ready to show they can play just as well as they did against Alabama in the first meeting in Tuscaloosa, Ala.
LSU will put its 13-0 record on the line for its third BCS championship in the city where they won their last two—New Orleans.
LSU came together this season after being under the spotlight following suspen- sions to start the season. These suspensions included starting quarterback Jordan Jefferson and Mathieu. Senior quarterback Jarrett Lee stepped in and took care of the duties in con- vincing fashion.
LSU’s goal in the first meeting worked well to watch the pass and letting running back Trent Richardson loose. LSU may need to watch Richardson this time around.
LSU might have to pound their deep run- ning game for four quarters and break down the top-ranked Alabama defense.
Heisman Trophy candidate and sopho- more cornerback Tyrann Mathieu is the leader on defense with 71 tackles, five forced fumbles, two interceptions and two punt re- turn touchdowns. He has showed the qualities that made Patrick Peterson a top five NFL pick last year.
LSU 27 – Alabama 24


  1. Go Crimson Tide, do it for Bear Bryant, do it for his hat….
    Two evenly matched teams, I’m looking forward to seeing the rematch.
    I think it’s going to be another low scoring game. 14- 10 Bama.

    Nice job on both articles guys. Keep Rockin….Enjoy Christmas break

  2. Love for the Honey Badger and LSU’s sketchy defense comes to an end Jan. 9. It’s Bama 20, LSU 12.

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