Today: Jul 17, 2024

Dear diary, I’m back


From the diaries of Miss Virginia Calcagni:

Remember when you used to have a diary that you wrote in religiously every single day (or in my case night before you went to sleep)? I miss those days.

I feel like diary writing might be a habit I should look into again, or maybe it would be more of a hobby because I like to write. It clears my mind and makes me happy (oh, so that is why she is a journalism major).

Most people write in diaries when they are young because they can let out their secrets. When you are young—and I am talking like elementary/middle school age—sometimes it is hard to tell all your friends that you think boys have cooties, or that you think the kid who sits behind you in some class is cute.

Once you hit high school it is easier to gossip and talk with your friends. But the high school era is mainly gossip, so that idea of still keeping a diary to keep everything in check is still there.

I feel like once I hit college, I stopped writing things down for myself. I have been so much more focused on assignments and writing things for other areas that didn’t pertain to me yet still wanting to pull my hair out due to some random thing that happened last week.

You have friends that you go out to lunch with, gab on the phone with and text every time you have a free second. You both bitch about your lives, but the truth is, do they really care? I mean, I care when my friends come to me with problems, but is it the same for them? The answer is, I will never really know that answer.

I couldn’t sleep the other night so I sat up in bed and took out one of my old songwriting books. I started looking through old lyrics and remembering things I had been through. You get this disconnection sometimes, and while they say it is best to keep the past in the past, I say you would be naïve to try and forget your past; it is part of how you come to be you.

So I decided I needed to write. Not for school or anything structured—I needed to write to let it out—let out what I feel like someone might give me a funny look for and say, “seriously.”

I found this quote the other day that said: “Don’t tell other people your problems; 20 percent aren’t listening and the other 80 are glad you have them.” And I thought about it and laughed. Whoever wrote this is probably telling the truth.

Don’t get me wrong. I have people I tell things to, and my boyfriend and I are truly each other’s support systems. I am very lucky for that (enter cheesy smile here).

What I am trying to say is that I think people should try and take more time for themselves to write things down on paper. It is sometimes amazing what comes out. Not only that, but it gives you time to organize how you feel.

It doesn’t have to be writing—it could be anything. But especially during this time of year with winter, finals, Christmas and that all-consuming thought of “will I find a job doing what I love” and “will I succeed.” Being able to find something that can help you take a breath and feel like you again is great; no matter how you come across it.

For me, I realized that is my other half (boyfriend), writing for my personal use, and marshmallows.

Always Sincere,

Miss Virginia.

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