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Sports Commentary: Stop stomping your feet and play the game

PETE PAGUAGA Sports Editor

Anybody want to work for five months and make about $600,000? I know most of us would take that job, but not DeSean Jackson.
Jackson is in the final year of his rookie contract and it’s fair to say he has outplayed that contract and most definitely deserves a raise, but the Eagles front office hasn’t given him one yet.
So what does he do? Refuse to play 100 percent. sit and mope on the bench like a 5-year-old who didn’t get what they wanted at Toys R’ Us.
Didn’t Jackson ever see Wedding Crashers? “Rule No. 6: do not sit in the corner and sulk. It draws attention to you in a negative way. Draw attention to yourself, but on your own terms.”
I mean that’s exactly what Jackson did Thursday night against the Seahawks; he sat on the bench with a big puss look on his face and let his teammates down.
DeSean, do you think you’re going to get paid now? What are you thinking? Or are you not thinking at all?
Not one team in the NFL is going to give you the contract you wanted now. You have single-handedly ruined your stock as one of the game’s most explosive receivers. You are nothing more than a top-tier return man at this point. No player is going to want you on his team, let alone in his locker room.
When you were getting ready to be drafted, they said you were too small and had a bad attitude. Well you’re definitely not too small; your numbers prove that. People would look past your bad attitude, but now it’s back again.
It’s about time you need to grow up if you want to be on an NFL team.
I can guarantee you most of the Eagles locker room is fed up with your childish antics.
Yes, I am sorry the front office decided to pay all the players around you but not you. But if anything, that’s what should have motivated you to play at a higher level and prove them wrong. But you decided not to and that has hurt you dearly.
You have four games left this season to at least show that you care somewhat about the game of football. Maybe some team will give you a chance but I think it is safe to say that you have overstayed your time in Philadelphia.
They are tired of you throwing the ball at the other teams’ coaches and tired of you sitting on the bench sulking. They are just all-around tired of you, so pack your bags, Jackson. You’re out of here.


  1. Great Article!!! I totally agree – he looked like a spoiled brat that didn’t get his way. Pro athlete – stands for “Professional” – you saw none of that the other night. Great Article Pete Pagoaga

  2. Nice article Pete, I agree DeSean is a bit of a clown but with the skill-set he has someone will pay him this off-season.

  3. Football is an odd sport, because the season is short and most games are sold out no matter how bad the team is. So there is a chance he won’t get paid big money from another team. What guys like this don’t realize is how much money they give up after their playing days are over when they behave badly during their active career. Most can’t speak well, are not good looking and have no talent other than playing football. It’s a big let down to try to make a living driving a truck or patching holes in the street when you are use to making $60,000 for 5 months of work. The long term effects of a sour playing attitude cost the player money the rest of his life and that adds up to plenty of monet left on the table.

    Good article Pete….keep writing…Keep Rockin

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