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Sports Commentary: Christmas Wishes

JEFF NOWAKEditor-In-Chief

The holiday season is a time for giving, but lately I haven’t been feeling the love. Well, at least not from the alternate reality that professional athletes have hidden their consciousnesses away in.
Because of that sad fact, my 2011 Christmas is likely to be one that will go ultimately unfulfilled.
Regardless, the following list is what I would be mailing Santa for in this, the cold, snowy unfulfilled month of December.
1. 8 Wins in September
For a team with a $160-plus million payroll, one wouldn’t think this would be much to ask—think again. The Boston Red Sox’s 7-20 record in the month of September averaged out to $22.8 million per win and left them one game out of the playoffs. I shouldn’t have to explain any further.
2. A Full Season From the Giants
For the third consecutive season, the New York Giants have become all but obsolete in the second half of the season. Reason being unimportant, all I want is to avoid the inevitable heartache following the Giants annual losing streak just as the games become important. Maybe it’s Santa, maybe I send should this directly to Archie Manning—just give me a happy postseason.
3. Players And Points, Not Owners And $$
All I want is a world in which we can play games without sitting in court for three months talking about being paid for it. The world “professional” may be bandied about like it means something, but I’m not buying.
4. A Scandal-Less Year
From Tiger Woods to Jerry Sandusky to Bernie Fine to whatever comes next. Bring me back to the time when arguing about whether Tim Tebow had a future in the NFL, not whether child molesters should ever get out of jail and if Joe Paterno’s legacy is forever tarnished. I guess labor disputes are preferable when contrasted with sex addiction and child molestation—not by enough to make me happy.
5. An IPad
Maybe I should pray to Steve Jobs for that one.


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