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Sports Commentary: Dear Coach Coughlin – don’t screw it up

Dear Tom Coughlin, 

For the last eight seasons you have made the Giants contenders year in and year out, and I would like to thank you for all you have done. 

But this season Tom, I am going to ask more of you, I am going to ask you to win in December. I don’t know what your issue is with winning in December, but if the Giants are going to make the playoffs and make a run, this is the time to get hot. 

Your 15-19 career record in December since taking over as the head coach of the Giants in 2004 is all too well known. 

Every season Big Blue is in the playoff hunt going into the last four or five games and completely falls apart. 

You get a pass for 2008; who would have known a selfish wide receiver would have shot himself in the leg, But even in the Super Bowl-winning 2007 the Giants limped to the finish line. 

What’s the deal, Tom? 

I don’t care if you need to make the players practice longer or if you need to make them study film longer. There is no reason they should not win three out of the four games in December or even all four of them. 

Tom, you have to get the running game going. I know Bradshaw has been out for a few weeks and he will likely be out a few more, but you have to try to get back to the team’s identity. Yes, Eli is having an MVP-type season, but you need to compliment your great passing attack with a solid running game. The Giants are nothing without a solid running game. 

Giants fans all over the country are begging you to get this done; they don’t like it when you get their hopes up every year and then crush them during the holiday season. 

Please find some way to motivate them, to not let them fall apart. You have a great team this season. The division is yours if you have a strong showing in December. The Eagles are all but mathematically eliminated and if Big Blue can have a strong showing in December, that means you will have beaten the Cowboys. 

I am begging you to help stop the pain, Tom. I don’t know if other Giants fans and I can go through this again. Don’t be surprised if Giants fans call for your head after another collapse this season. 

Don’t blow it. 




  1. Pete – Coughlin has done a great job in New York but I’m afraid that it’s Dallas’s division to lose from here on out. With that said, the way Dallas has struggled vs Wash. and Mia. the past two weeks, it wouldn’t be shocking to see NY beat them twice later in the year and reclaim the division.

  2. Pete

    Another interesting article from the heart. I wonder if anyone has checked to see if the Giants play more difficult teams in December. I think the season for the Jets and Giants will come down to their Christmas eve game. It’s been a bumpy season for both teams, if they contiue to play like they have this might be a season when neither team goes to the playoffs. If that happens at least we can watch NBA games again.

    Keep Rockin and Writing.

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