Today: Apr 21, 2024

The Love Doctor: Monster-in-Law

 Dear Dr. Strangelove,

The boy that I’m currently with I plan to marry. We’ve been happy together for three years. There’s just one thing that makes my future with him less than perfect: his mother. I have the sense that she feels threatened by me because she’s always making subtle but degrading side comments to me. These are not comments I want to shrug off. She is the rudest person ever, and I honestly am not looking forward to spending every single holiday with her, nevermind have her be the grandmother to my child. I don’t think we’ll ever see eye to eye. How should I deal with this?

– Mind Your Mother

Dear Mind Your Mother

Have you ever tried talking to your boyfriend about how his mother makes you feel? Has she treated all his ex-girlfriends like that? It may be hard to live with, but it could be just the way she is and not a personal attack toward you. I would try acting extra nice. If she is still a complete bitch, confront her. If you purposely act mature and honest, anything rude she does from that point on just makes her look like a fool. Just make sure your boyfriend understands how you feel without dissing his mother. If the lady won’t budge, just be happy your boyfriend didn’t turn out like her.

 – Dr. Strangelove

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