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Editor’s Note: Top 14 Annoying habits of guys and girls


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Being dropped on your head is not enjoyable boyfriend/girlfriend time.

Top-seven annoying boyfriend habits.

1. Checking your cell phone on a date

We’ll wonder what is more important.

2. Dutch oven

We don’t think your farts are as funny as you do.

3. Video games

No, we don’t want to watch you kill one more zombie before dinner.

4. Picking us up in sweats

If we get dressed up for a date, you better too.

5. Leaving socks all over the room

Learn to use a hamper.

6. Locking the car door before we get in

It’s not that fun to chase your car.

7. Leaving the seat up

We will be very angry when we fall in.

Top-seven annoying girlfriend habits.

1. Insecurity

Zero confidence is a major turn-off; learn to accept a compliment instead of brushing it off.

2. Excessive accessories, make-up and perfume

What is the point of putting a belt around your waist?

3. Girls infringing on bro-time

We need to manage our bromances.

4. Taking too many pictures

No, we don’t want to have a daily photo shoot.

5. Stealing the blankets

Just because you hold the power in bed doesn’t mean you get all the blankets.

6. Being indecisive

Just tell us where you want to go and what time you want to leave already.

7. Ordering a salad for dinner

No I won’t share my French fries.

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