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Sports Commentary: Sports are a part of life—not life itself


In our society we have put sports on the highest of pedestals. I am guilty of it and more than likely, you are too.  

Because of this, even the most critical can find themselves allowing the greatness of a particular player or coach to blind them—picturing these athletically gifted human beings as perfect or infallible.

This is what has happened at Penn State within the last week or what at least made the events so grotesquely shocking.  I’ll spare you the graphic details because some of them are so disgusting to read; I shudder to even consider putting it into words. I also have no interest in arguing about the legalities. 

A scary part of this issue, however, is that the fans that have let their love of PSU and Joe Paterno blind them to what actually happened in Happy Valley.

Plain and simple, Penn State had to let Paterno go. He knew what had happened and yes, he went to the athletic director and told him about it, but he should have done more—he could have done so much more.

It is now obvious Paterno and the rest of the hierarchy of Penn State cared more about the school and football program than the well being of the young boys Jerry Sandusky allegedly molested.

We are talking about human lives—young boys whose innocence was taken away by a terrible man. So many knew about it and allowed it to go unpunished. We have to realize football and all sports aren’t more important than the lives of these young boys. The boys who were hurt and given scars that will never be seen but which will also never fade.

The question must be posed, why are people sticking up for Paterno? Most of the answers involve JoePa being a great coach.  When did football become more important than the well-being of children?

Those who say it was a mistake by Paterno disgust me.  A mistake is when you burn your hand on a hot pan after someone tells you not to touch it.  Not following up on reporting a child molester on his coaching staff is more than a mistake—it is heinous and gross.

Penn State has done the right thing now, but they are nine years late. 

Shame on the school, shame on Joe Paterno, shame on Mike McQueary, shame on the students at Penn State that rioted after the firing of Paterno and shame on you, the fan, who believes just because Paterno is a legend he should get a pass.

Like ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd said on his radio show last week, you love life, and you like sports.


  1. A very adult well thought out article Pete. We all need to be reminded from time to time what is really important. The very sad part of child abuse is it happens at the hands of every known profession, more often tahn is reported in the press. We all need to do a better job at protecting children and older adults. The only thing that’s really important in life is family and a good set of friends.

    Very good article. Keep Rockin

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