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Cartoonist looks to learn how to paint and teach art to others


Benjamin Caman is a junior art education major and has been doing art since he was in the fourth grade. He started drawing cartoons he would watch on television and in comic books. Caman says he would ultimately like to sell his work but finds it difficult to let go of the works he’s created. He says he builds an attachment to his work and it shows in the passion he has for art. He says art is a big reason as to why he hasn’t let any negative influences impact his life. Being able to draw and paint prevented him from falling to the pressures of his peers. His favorite artist is Jackson Pollock and the street graffiti artist, Banksy. Anyone interested in viewing Caman’s work can log on to his personal Facebook account as he posts pictures of most of his drawings.



Q. Let’s start from the beginning. What is your major and year? Now you paint rather than make music like most of the profiles I’ve done this semester. Why are you special and what makes you different when it comes to the art of, well, art?


A. My major is art education, I’m a junior and what I feel separates me from other artists is the passion and the work I put into my pieces. Nobody has to force me to do art; I enjoy doing it just because and therefore I create. I admire my own work ethic.


Q. Alright, sounds good. How did the passion for art spark? What was that first moment that made you realize this it was something you wanted to pursue to do for a genuine hobby and possible living?


A. I started creating art ever since before the 4th grade. I always enjoyed drawing the cartoon characters I would see in comic books and cartoons.


Q. Everyone that has a passion for something usually looks up to someone. In your case, who was the one person that influenced you and still influences you to this day? It can be an actual artist or just a person who has been in your life personally.


A. As of right now my favorite artist is Jackson Pollock. I am now becoming more interested in painting and I admire his style as well. I admire the street graffiti artist Banksy. His art has a message and his delivery is dangerous.


Q. How much of your art is just strictly for the hobby? Is this something you eventually want to make money off of or as far as you’re concerned, this will remain something to do as long as you continue to enjoy it?


A. In a perfect world I would get paid just to showcase my art. I most likely wouldn’t want to sell it because after I create a piece I enjoy looking at what I created. I understand that isn’t realistic and I would have to sell my work, because if being an artist were my lifestyle, I’d have to sell pieces. I think that shows that I’m passionate and I admire what I do.


Q. What is your advice for an aspiring artist like yourself? I know sometimes being an artist doesn’t result in immediate rewards or recognition. How do you keep yourself motivated and what do you do when you hit a rut artistically?


A. Create and search for opportunity. Discouragement is bound to come because nothing worth having comes easy. I suggest that in any venue where art is being requested, try and put your work there. And if I’m ever in a rut I search for inspiration.


Q. What is a way for people to go and see your art and do you have any projects you’re currently working on? When can we expect that to be out?


A. People can go on to my Facebook account in order to see some of the art pieces that I have. I am thinking about creating a website to showcase some of my work because I am starting to assimilate plenty.


Q. What is something about you that most people don’t know? It can be art-related or not.


A. I am selfish when I create something. I don’t do it for anybody else but myself and don’t like to part from it, but will let it go if I have to.


Q.  If it wasn’t for art, how do you think life would’ve turned out for you? How would your life be if it wasn’t for art being such a vital part of you?


A. Life would be different. I probably would have fallen into a whole bunch of trouble. Art was something I did to stay distracted from some of the things I knew I shouldn’t have been doing.


Q. So what are your plans once you graduate from Southern?


A. Go for my masters and then teach college level art as well as create.


Q. What is your fondest memory here and what would you like to tell the 

Southern body for those who don’t know you?


A. Meeting new people and for the people who don’t know me, get to know me.

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