Today: Jul 14, 2024

This generation’s last option for success


Pondering the thought of being in the real world, one must ask: “How are we supposed to do it?” In the economic downfall in recent years, students must start second-guessing everything their parents have done. Before the economic downfall, everyone had a plan.

There were those who wanted to graduate from high school and start a trade. There were those who wanted to go to college. There were those who wanted to be married and start a family. Before, there were options. Now—not so much.

See, if you do not attend college, your chances of getting a job are slim. If you get a job without an education, you might not be able to afford a house. If you go to school, you probably will be in debt. Then when you get out, you might not be able to find a job.

The circle seems endless. One must start asking, “How can I survive?” rather than “what do I want to do?” This is a sad realization. America should not be filled with the struggle to survive. Hard work should lead to success.

I believe the students of the nation need to focus on revamping politics. The students need to vote new and honest politicians into office. The students need to reject corruption. The students need to make a tax system that works for them.

These ideas, in turn, will affect the future of this country. Right now, I would say students have the least options, so they should be the ones working on better outcomes. The success of future rests on the shoulders of the college students of America. I hope each student gets involved in voting this election. Each student should volunteer, become involved in the community, and help those less fortunate.

In my opinion, that is our last option.

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