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The Love Doctor 11/9/11

Dear Dr. Strangelove,

With Thanksgiving coming up, my boyfriend’s family is preparing this huge Italian meal. The wonderful food is all they have been talking about for the past couple of weeks. We only started dating a month ago, but he has invited me over to celebrate. The only problem is, I am a vegan. I fear everything my boyfriend’s mother cooks will have some sort of animal or by-products, but I don’t feel it’s my place to tell her to cook something just for me. I know it’s not a big deal, but I just feel awkward. What should I do?

-Thanks, but no Thanks 

Dear Thanks, but no Thanks,

It’s no biggy. Just explain to your boyfriend that you appreciate the invitation to celebrate and you are really looking forward to it. Find out ahead of time what his mother plans on serving. I’m sure she won’t mind if you simply mention you’re a vegan and figure out what you can do. You can even surprise his family with a tasty vegan meal of your own!

-Dr. Strangelove 

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