Today: Jul 17, 2024

Editor’s Note: Top 5 Thanksgiving traditions

1. Manchester Road Race:

for those of you that aren’t already a member of the 14,000-plus strong race that goes off every Thanksgiving morning—you’re missing out. Even if you aren’t up for the 4.8 miles, it sure is a sight to see.

2. Thanksgiving football game:

nothing can build up an appetite for early dinner and a face full of turkey like a muddy game of backyard football. Get grandpa, Uncle Ned, Aunt Sherry and the whole gang to join. Be careful though, injuries can really put a damper on things.

3. Real football:

for all the men out there, the NFL is a staple of Thanksgiving and part of what makes the day a true spectacle. An excuse to stuff your face, nap and watch grown men attacking each other. This year is the first in close to a decade when there will be a good matchup when the Lions take on the Packers. Sit down with the family and enjoy a great game.

4. Thanksgiving dinner/dessert:

it’s crazy to think that the stuffing-the-face portion of turkey day is fourth on the Thanksgiving list, but anyone who truly enjoys the day would agree the best part is friends and family. That being said, loosen up the belt, pass the gravy and enjoy the ride.

5. Nap:

this is not the fifth-best part of Thanksgiving, but it usually does come last, so this is where it falls on the list. Find a comfy chair, put on the late NFL game and try not to snore too loudly. Also, try not to be too grumpy when relatives wake you up to say their goodbyes—it is a day for family after all.

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