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SGA Scoop 11/2/11

What’s the deal with Dunkin’?

The Student Government Association has been diligently working with Danny Dawkins and the rest of the Food Services crew at Southern Connecticut State University to expedite the process of purchasing coffee and delicious treats from Dunkin’ Donuts.

However, there are still some things students should know:
The current Dunkin location was designed to accommodate one-third of the number of customers it actually receives.  While this may have been poor planning–because after all, aside from police officers, there are few other people who enjoy coffee and donuts as much as college students—the fact is the same.  It’s a small space and there will always be a large number of students converging on Dunkin during the same peak hours.
Additionally, the wait time has decreased.  At least in the first few weeks of school, students polled by Student Government reported that they were receiving their food and beverages much more quickly than last year.

If you notice or experience exemplary or incredibly poor customer service, you have the ability to report it!  If an employee treats you poorly at Dunkin—or any other Chartwell’s venue—record his or her name, the approximate time of the incident and submit a complaint to Food Services.  They have physical comment card stations set up, and you can also enter your concerns online. Visit to record your observations or directly email  They read and address these comments! However, try to include positive comments too.  The majority of the Food Service employees at Southern work hard and are very polite.  If you see an employee go above and beyond at Dunkin, let them know!

Student Government is still working on the issue.  Several suggestions have been brought forth by the Board of Student Issues, faculty and staff, and members of the general student body.  Possible solutions include relocating Dunkin’ Donuts and offering the same types of products at other on-campus locations.  Moving Dunkin’ would be incredibly expensive, but it would provide the employees with more room and would hopefully encourage greater efficiency.  Personally, I think the more cost-effective and logical solution would be to have another location for products like breakfast sandwiches, toasted muffins, bagels and beverages.
So remember:
If you have a bad—or good!—experience at Dunkin’, let someone know! If you have additional suggestions or comments about Dunkin Donuts that you would like representatives from Student Government to bring up at a university committee meeting, let us know! Email us at or come visit us in ASC Room 222. After all, we’re YOUR government and YOUR voice!

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