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Sports Commentary: Even though he wins Tebow won’t last


Am I the only one in the world who hasn’t fallen head over heels in love with Tim Tebow?

I will admit he was one of the greatest college football players to ever play the college game.  However, he is not a good NFL quarterback and he shouldn’t even be a backup in the NFL, plain and simple.

One argument is that he is a winner.  The game against the Miami Dolphins, you know, where he had two passing yards at the start of the fourth quarter.  The same game where he played the worst of any quarterback this season for the first 55 minutes of the game.  Then he plays great in the last five minutes and he is a savior.

Did he do that against the ’85 Bears or the ’00 Ravens? No, it was one of the NFL’s worst teams in the Dolphins for crying out loud.  If he did that against a decent NFL team, I would give him a little bit of credit, but it was the Dolphins.

Also to be even a decent NFL quarterback you should be able to make the players around you better. He made no one around him better in any of his starts, unless you count that amazing diving catch by tight end Daniel Fells. If you don’t remember, Tebow threw a horrendous pass, it looked like a helicopter going towards Fells as he laid out to make the grab. Somehow Tebow gets credit for a great throw.

He will always revert to his loopy throwing motion no matter how many times he tries to fix it; he has thrown like that his whole life, it’s a permanent habit and won’t ever change. He has zero pocket presence, he will always run first and has never stayed in the pocket to get hit just as he releases the ball.

Tebow has not progressed one bit since coming to the NFL.  He looks like the same mistake that was taken 25th overall in the 2010 NFL Draft.

I don’t understand what the big obsession with him is.  How are people this blind to how bad he is?

I mean just look at the numbers, they are horrible, his career completion percentage is under 50. He also cannot go downfield, completely taking his wide receivers out of the game.

But wait Pete, he is great in the fourth quarter. If he plays against a halfway decent team they will bury him and the Broncos by 40 points before he starts playing well.

Tebow will be out of the NFL or moved to tight end or running back within the next two years.  Hopefully for his sake it will be the latter.


  1. Journalist Pete Paguaga is poised, polished and consistently delivers at a high level. The same cannot be said about Tim Tebow. Another thoughtful and eloquent piece from the man himself. He’s done it again.

  2. Good article Pete. I’m gonna keep rooting for him though because he’s shown that he’s a winner and to most owners and head coaches that’s what matters he just has to get the whole team on the Tebow train lol, keep grinding petey

  3. Another good article Pete. I think you have to give Tim Tebow and his new coach a chance. Football is a team sport, the entire team has to play well to win. One guy alone doesn’t win games in the NFL. Tebow has played two games and he won the game they should have won against Miami. Very few QB’s walk onto a pro field and are instant stars. Give the kid a chance then look back and see if he learned anything, see if he improves. I don’t think anyone who reads your articles and is over 30, the age which we can no longer wear team jersey’s to games, would have wanted to be judged on their performance after their first two weeks of their first professional job. The team’s starting QB isn’t cutting it and the team doesn’t seem to have faith in their second string QB, so they are really starting their third string QB who has only played two pro games. Who really belived Tim Tebow was going to solve all their problems starting in his first NFL game?

    Keep writing, always interesting reads, even when I don’t agree 🙂
    Keep Rockin

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