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Pep rally a big hit for athletes and students alike

BRITTANY MONTAGUE Special to Southern News

On top of bold blue letters that read SCSU in the middle of Moore Fieldhouse stood united pride, spirit and everything each team had to prove.

That’s because at last week’s homecoming game, Southern teams stood center court. Some holding banners, some holding trophies, proudly screaming, supporting eachother, chanting and representing the team they were a part of.

“[Owls football] is not always looked at in a positive light,” said senior cornerback Kamal Mqaresh. “This is a chance for the school to see us in one.”

Mqaresh said homecoming is a time when everyone is getting along. He also said it is a school tradition that is important to the students.

Watching the men’s and women’s track teams stand center court as they held banners and trophies of first place titles was assistant coach Nick Lara, who said the track team has contributed to the pride and spirit of the school and are just as important as any other Southern team.

“Track is definitely a part of Southern’s history,” he said. “The men’s team has won 19 straight conference titles. We were New England Champs last year.”

Lara said despite the fact that he does believe the track team is just as recognized on campus as any other team, the absence of home meets may be why some people may think otherwise.

“It’s just the way scheduling works out,” said Lara. “We don’t host too many home meets, as opposed to football that do have home games, so the school doesn’t really get to see what we’re capable of. Most of our meets are away.”

The pep rally featured a live DJ, who played music upon calling up each team and campus orientation ambassador, Ronald Huggy Bear Huggins, a host who felt he embodied all the qualities a great host should have.

“I am just fly,” he said. “I like to have fun and I believe fun has no boundaries, I am a person that can get everyone involved.”

As the pep rally progressed, the Southern cheerleaders performed a routine, there was a raffle,and a dance competition for a Xbox; the night began to get closer to the performance of vice president of the Symphonic Pulse Dance Comp (SPDC) Erica Rivera, and her team.

Rivera said she was nervous.

“I am scared I am going to mess up,” she said. “I hope we bring energy, are synchronized and support each other.”

This was Rivera’s first year attending homecoming.

“We have full respect for the dance team,” said Rivera.

One of the last teams to be introduced to the crowd of pep rally fans was the SCSU football team. Throughout the pep rally they showcased their throwing abilities by tossing Halloween themed, homecoming t-shirts to students in the crowd.

The SCSU cheerleaders lined up in a rows and the team of excited SCSU football players ran through.

Off to the side of the gym was an even more nervous Rivera, because she knew it was time—time to perform.

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