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Music Review: Kelly Clarkson — Stronger

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1. “Mr. Know It All” – The first single off Kelly Clarkson’s new album and it’s the typical formula we’ve come to expect from her. However, it still sounds fresh. Pop radio is going to soak this one up. 4/5 Owls.

2. “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)” – Vocally, Kelly hasn’t lost it one bit. She’s also matured on this record. Her content was always a step ahead of her competitors, but after a long hiatus, it’s good to hear that she still has what it takes to hang in the cutthroat music industry. 3/5 Owls.

3. “Dark Side” – “No one is picture perfect” sings Kelly on a somber but upbeat record about accepting the people you love despite their mistakes. Kelly’s music has always been organic and she is smart to not fix what isn’t broken. The live instruments do a lot for her vocals. It’s good to hear a singer who doesn’t need any alterations. Great song. 4/5 Owls.

4. “Honestly” – Kelly is just rolling them out at this point. Another solid track. Her band needs a raise A.S.A.P! Kelly is establishing her sound. It’s easy to notice that she knows what she wants when it comes to her music. She knows what works for her. 3/5 Owls.

5. “You Love Me” – This is potential single material here. Simple but catchy hook with very melodic verses are the recipe for pop success and she’s bound for it with this record. 3/5 Owls.

6. “Einstein” – Such a sick beat. The sound is a lot more dangerous than all the previous records on this album. There are some electric sounds, which is different in comparison to the traditional rock sound Kelly has made us accustomed to. Either way, it works. 3/5 Owls.

7. “Standing In Front Of You” – It took seven tracks for Kelly to finally slow it down. Tracks like these are what separate her from other singers in the business. She does it flawlessly. 4/5 Owls.

8. “I Forgive You” – I got nervous for a second, I thought Kelly was on the verge of delivering a classic album but then I heard this song. It’s typical Kelly but not up to par with her previous efforts. Sounds like a rip-off of “Since You Been Gone.” 2/5 Owls.

9. “Hello” – Whenever I hear a song called “Hello,” I can’t help but think about Lionel Richie. But she does a good job here in making me forget that. Not great, but a solid record. 2/5 Owls.

10. “The War is Over” – This is the Kelly we all love and adore. People have to respect her subject matter whether they’re a fan or not. She hasn’t lost touch with what made her popular in the first place. People respect her because of the things she sings about and it’s good to hear she hasn’t gone “bubblegum pop.” She has a real talent. 4/5 Owls.

11. “Let Me Down” – Kelly’s got some balls with the lyrics she sings sometimes and this is no different. Kelly’s best songs are her dark ones. Kelly’s got an edge to her a lot of singers lack. 3/5 Owls.

12. “You Can’t Win” – The tempo rises here as we get another feisty Kelly crooning about a “walking disaster” who just can’t win no matter the situation. 2/5 Owls.

13. “Breaking Your Own Heart” – Powerful song to close off the album. Her versatility is one not to be taken for granted, as she is able to be funky, cheerful, and lovable but then flip it and be dark, somber, and gloomy. However, she always has a message. 4/5 Owls.

Overall: 4 out of 5 Owls

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