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Fall: let the ‘crisp’ air steal stress away

SAVANNAH MUL  — Special to Southern News

The season is in the midst of change and the only good thing about waking up for that 8 a.m. class is seeing the sunrise.

October is definitely the month that has the most perfect skies in the morning: the vivid pinks, blues, purples, oranges, almost like the sky is on fire. I don’t think I remember an October with such pretty skies as this one.

But maybe I’m speaking too soon; after all, we are in New Eng- land, and these beautiful skies can change in the blink of an eye.

Heading to class one morning there was a man standing many feet in front of me. He had his arms spread out and his face to the sun. I looked up toward the sky to see what the hell this guy was looking at, and what stole his attention and mine in a second was the sky: the most gorgeous shades of blue, layered with clouds that were light pink from the sun.

Walking behind Morrill Hall and seeing the colors in the sky explode made me realize I never want to look down when I walk again. For the moment, the sky and the crisp air stole my mid-week Wednes- day stress and turned it around.

Clearing my head completely, I allowed myself to think as logi- cally as possible –as I wanted to leave and wander the city for the day – but in terms of finishing assignments and staying on task with the next.

The crisp air and fresh feeling made me not want to sit or be anywhere but outside.

It’s almost such a total buzz kill knowing that you’ll be in and out of classes all day. Just sitting in the library or a classroom is probably one of the most uninspiring places to be on a gorgeous day. Knowing you’ll be breathing in stale air, usually in windowless classrooms; we need fresh airflow. And people ask us why we’re so tired.

But then again, looking out the windows always leads to students daydreaming of possible “what ifs” for the day. “Well if I didn’t have class I’d totally be there having fun” or “this would’ve been the perfect day to go to NYC.”

Ah well, I guess all that fun thinking is reserved for the weekend. Fall not only has the perfect skies and the “what if” daydreams but also another adventure to add to the colorful mix: Halloween. The rich lively season brings out the best shades in people and makes many excited for the holiday. For some, it brings out the inner child, but for most of us now it’s a night of being young and able and getting drunk with your friends. Watch a scary movie marathon, go to a party dressed as Ke$ha or anyone but Justin Bieber – anything that will let you completely soak in the fall air and de-stress.

So as soon as you’re about to get bogged down with endless assignments and go straight to the freaking out part, just unplug and go outside, even if it’s raining. Why not?

Just stare up at the sky, really breathe in the fresh air and absorb the colors and smells. Or if this silly sky watching does nothing for you, then blast Blink 182’s “Anthem Part Two” one night when you’re having a few too many vodka tonics under the night sky or apartment ceiling. And I assure you most, if not all, of your worries will go away.

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