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Sports Commentary: Kellen shouldn’t have to do ‘Moore’ to win this year


This college football season has a lot of players, ranging from seniors to even freshmen, vying for the most prestigious individual trophy in all of college sports: the Heisman.

I am going to list five players who I think are in the hunt for this prestigious trophy at this point in the season.

1. Kellen Moore- Boise State

I have been on the Moore train for years. This guy is everything you want in a QB.  He’s a gamer, a winner and Boise State would be nowhere without him.  This season he is back to his old tricks. He has 21 TDs with only four interceptions.  Say what you want about who Boise plays against, Moore is the most valuable quarterback in college football.

2. Andrew Luck- Stanford

He is by far the smartest quarterback in the NCAA and came into the season with all the hype of being the man to beat. Unfortunately for his Heisman credentials the smack downs the Cardinal are putting on opponents this year haven’t forced him to take over games like other guys have had too. His diminished numbers reflect that.

3. Russell Wilson- Wisconsin

Yes, the same Russell Wilson, who played at NC State for the past three seasons, is having an amazing senior campaign with Wisconsin.  Hoever, Wisconsin hasn’t played a true road game up until their last game against Michigan State, and though Wilson played great—leading the Badgers back into the game after being down—they lost. You could argue that was Wilson’s “Heisman” moment and well, he didn’t seize it.

4. Robert Griffin III- Baylor

This guy can do it all. He can pass, he can run and he has shown he can take over a game by himself.  The one problem is Baylor has already lost two games this season and lets be honest, your not going to win the Heisman unless your team finishes well over .500. With a game against Oklahoma next week, I highly doubt Baylor will finish in the top 25 and maybe not even .500, which will definitely hurt RG3’s chances of even finishing as a finalist.

5. Trent Richardson- Alabama

Not going to lie, his numbers are ridiculous—they are better then both Reggie Bush and Mark Ingram at this point in their respective Heisman seasons.  But I feel that it doesn’t matter who is running the ball in Mobile they are always successful.  Alabama is probably the most talented team in the country and it’s no surprise to see the numbers he’s put up.

When it is said and done and if Boise State can win out, which they probably will, there should be no reason why Moore isn’t holding up the trophy in New York City at season’s end.

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  1. Good overview of 5 Heisman candidates. Still many games to play so you never know what might happen. I’ll take the Bama player because I’m a fan, but I have to agree your guy can play.
    I’d like to see a follow up after the Heisman is awarded to see if what you wrote comes true.

    Keep Writing and Rockin

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