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Sports Commentary: Left side of infield should stay in Flushing


In 2011, the New York Mets had what many would a call a “posi- tive” season, using the term loosely.

When this season officially ends in about three weeks, it is not over yet for the Mets. The next month dictates a couple of big ques- tions — Will Jose Reyes and maybe even David Wright be in blue and orange?

Despite a difficult time to improve financially, the Mets need to pull out all of the stops to keep their two franchise players.

Reyes will become a free agent and look for his opportunity to get a big contract offer.

In what was one of the best seasons for Reyes, next to the 2006 season, his personality on and off of the field, his speed and most recently, his bat can help a team like the Mets. It is not about the Mets having to re-sign Reyes; they need to re-sign Reyes to put fans in those seats.

Despite his injury plagued time on the disabled list over his career, including this season on two different occasions with leg injuries, Reyes is one of the most electric players in the league.

He deserved to win the National League batting champion- ship this year over Milwaukee’s Ryan Braun, despite controversy about leaving the game in the first inning after a bunt single. For the fans, that was a bad move because Reyes and Wright are the only two main players people come to watch.

After all of the injuries for Reyes, after all of the heartache Mets fans have endured, to even be in a batting title conversation was remarkable in itself.

This was at least some kind of victory for the Mets and their fans to be the first Met to accomplish this feat in team history. If he lost it, then this would be on his own terms.

Is baseball like when Ted Williams competed for the 1941 batting title in a doubleheader on the final day of the season — certainly not. The mentality now is completely changed with

more pitch counts, big contracts and days off for players. For Wright, he is the undisputed heart and soul of the team. He is one of the best third baseman in baseball, and he is one

of the main guys when people think of the Mets. His attitude is committed to winning. The only problem is he needs players around him to compete for a championship. The rumors about possibly trading him are ridiculous. After missing more the two months this season, and still trying to figure out the confines of Citi Field, Wright needs to prove to himself and the fans he should be here.

In what is still a transitional time for the Mets, the two surest things on the team need to be addressed, Wright and Reyes. This is no time to lose focus for the Mets. The left side of the infield are franchise players, meaning there is no doubt they both belong in Flushing.

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