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Upcoming artist brings back 90s hip-hop with new project

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He’s bringing back that old school hip-hop with that new school flavor. 

Maryland rapper Logic is fairly new to the rap game, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t already solidifying his spot in the industry. 

With a rapping style reminiscent to those in ‘90s, think Nas in Illmatic, Logic brings on that nostalgic feeling of being back in New York while growing up and hearing your favorite rapper on the radio. 

His flow just runs like water through the beats, switching up tempo on the fly while still staying in rhythm. 

He named his mixtape “Young Sinatra” and it fits well. Just like Sinatra, Logic’s voice is smooth like butter, and with his rhymes he definitely lays your head on the soft nice beats.

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This is Logic’s second mixtape as he begins to establish himself

You can hear the charm in his voice on tracks like “30,000” when he raps “I’m living the life that you and yours can only dream about/and just a couple years ago the s*** I used to scheme about/rehearsing for hours in front of the mirror until my voice was horse and but my vision was clearer.” 

Although he gets smooth, he switches up his demeanor showcasing his lyrical skills. On “Live On The Air” Logic spits “You call them rappers but all I see is comedians/ my future’s looking XXL they s*** is medium/ call me Bobby Kennedy the way I f*** with Maryland/ emcees approach take notes and then I bury ‘em” then continues with “the way I flow this s*** is like butter the second I utter lyricism that leave all the rest in the gutter/ I thought I told ya’ll I’m the best!?/ d-d-d- did I stutter?” 

And gets on a funny note saying “I swear I’m not a violent guy/ Once upon a time I brought a super soaker to a drive by.”

The whole track is filled with quotables and is one of the stand out tracks of the mixtape. 

Another stand out track is “Young Sinatra II” where Logic raps over an old school hip-hop beat with a nice sample of “Life’s a B****” by Nas. 

With lines like “I eat emcees like fast food/ hella rude/ I’m the reason your favorite rappers in a bad mood” and “I used to bus tables but now I bust rhymes/ spittin lines to the illest of dimes/ livin’ like a don/ maffietic mind state/ hip hop heads never die we multiple then dominate,” Logic feels at home with this Nas sample almost as if it was ’94 all over again. 

It’s apparent that there’s a lot of good lines to quote and it should be so since there’s over 22 tracks to listen to. 

With the 22 tracks comes great hip-hop production. Throughout the mixtape you’ll hear a wide but great selection of samples from Kid Cudi, to Family Guy, Dave Chapelle, Drake, Frank Sinatra, and even Frankie Vallie & the Four Seasons. 

There’s upbeat party music, straight hip-hop tracks, and even slow jams. 

Logic channels his inner Barry White on track “Take It Slow” and gets vulnerable but real on track “Let Me Go.” It’s clear that Logic has talent. 

With his introspective lyrics and confident smooth flow, it’s only a matter of time before he gets the recognition he deserves.

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