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SGA Scoop 10/12/11


Your most recent questions and concerns addressed:

1.     What’s up with the roped off areas in the Academic Quad?

Over the summer, some construction was completed that required some sections of the quad to be dug up.  The roped off areas are simply the spaces that were reseeded (with grass) afterward.  By minimizing foot traffic in these areas, the grass will grow back better and more quickly.

2.     The chairs in Morrill and Davis halls are incredibly uncomfortable and in various states of disrepair.

The Board of Student Issues has been creating a list of all of the classrooms in Morrill, Davis, and Pelz Gym where these old desks appear.  The members of BSI are working with Bob Sheeley of Facilities in order to circulate in newer, safer, and more comfortable desks.  The old desks should be completely replaced by the end of the semester.

3.     Why was the sidewalk torn up between Engleman and Morrill halls?

Some of the sidewalk and the bricks, due to cracking, etc., were unlevel.  Thus, it posed a potential hazard to the many students who pass through this area every day.  Facilities is working to re-lay the bricks and pour new concrete so that the sidewalk will be smooth and level.

4.     Is Buley Library ever going to be completed?

The library plans are currently being finalized and construction should recommence shortly.

5.     When is Lot 7 closing and what should commuter students know about changes in parking when construction on the new parking garage begins?

The projected date for the closing of Lot 7 is Oct. 17.  Several accommodations are being made for commuter students:

●      An express shuttle service will begin from the Eli Whitney parking lot, and a second shuttle bus will be added at night for students who get out of class late.

●      Graduate students will be able to park in Lot 2, which will hopefully free up spaces in the area next to Davis Hall, behind the current parking garage.

●      Lot 12A (behind Seabury Hall) will have 186 spaces for both commuters and graduate students. Blue lights and video surveillance will be installed in this area.

●      The dogleg portion of Lot 9 will be dedicated to commuter students, and residents will be encouraged to park in the resident parking garage instead.

●      Commuter parking will remain in Lots 3, 8 and 9.

Additionally, cars parked in certain commuter parking lots will not be ticketed until 2 a.m. so                                     the times will align with the Residence Halls’ guest policies. Student Government will also

be working with campus police to create a new map with colored areas clearly marked for commuter, graduate and resident parking areas. Appropriate signage for these parking lots will also be posted.

6.     Is there anything Student Government can do about smoking on campus? It seems like people smoke everywhere – not just in the designated areas.

The Student Government Association has recently made smoking on campus a top priority.  After attending one of the conferences for Student Government Associations in Washington, D.C., the members of the Board of Student Issues established several contacts with people from other college campuses.  BSI Chairperson Erin McGuckin plans to utilize these contacts and the presidents from Western and Central’s SGAs in order to develop some new ideas about how to tackle smoking at Southern.  They hope to develop some reasonable strategies that will respect the rights of both students who smoke and students who prefer a smoke-free environment.

If there is any way that we can help to improve the quality of your experience here at Southern Connecticut State University, tell us! We’re here to help!

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