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The Love Doctor 10/5/11

Dear Dr. Strangelove,

So I was downtown the other night and met this guy at the club. I ended up giving him my real number, and he’s been texting me ever since. He’s really hot and I would like to get to know him better, but I know nothing about him; for all I know he’s an infamous drug dealer in the area. From what I do know of him, though, he seems nice and hasn’t made any sexual passes at me. Do I open up and get to know him better, or do I just delete his number? I’m interested to take a chance, but I don’t know if it’s worth it.

-Worried about Womanizers

Dear Worried about Womanizers,

I’m sure you’ve heard this before; you never know until you try. As much as I think it doesn’t sound promising to pursue a guy you met at a club, it couldn’t hurt to just give it a chance. You have to take precaution, of course; you don’t want to wind up raped down an ally or turn into a one-night stand if you’re looking for a long-term connection. Once you have an idea of who this person really is, you can decide if it will turn out to be more of a physical or serious “relationship.”

-Dr. Strangelove

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